Friday, October 30, 2009

Blooming Friday!

Welcome to Blooming Friday! The blooms for this post are from the gardens
of a local Cultural Centre--Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra. I had gone
there hoping to photograph Mussaenda shrubs but came back with much more!

To see other posts on what's blooming today please visit Katarina at
Roses and Stuff.

The water bodies in the grounds had clouds of dragons and damsels.
Here's one kind I hadn't captured before!

The pretty pink blooms of the Lipstick Tree/Bixa orellana.

There were many birds there. In fact two long-tailed drongos ushered me
into the gardens! Here's another commonly seen's the Asian
Pied Starling.

A pink hibiscus. There were several all across the grounds. Many were
the white ones.

A dense cluster of very dark pink Ixora.

The Sleeping Hibiscus aka Wax Mallow, Turk's cap, and Firecracker

Thank you for visiting. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kanak, This must have been a lovely visit. That Lipstick bloom is so pretty and what an unusual color of dragonfly. So glad you shared these pictures with us. I hope your weekend is enjoyable as well.

Autumn Belle said...

What a lovely garden visit, Kanak. This place looks like home. You have a nice weekend too.

Stephanie said...

This cultural centre really has beautiful plants and look quite tidy also. The lipstick bloom is so pretty :-) Hey, that bird, I just saw one similar one in my garden today! And I don't understand why at your place there are so many kind of dragonflies... nonetheless, have a great weekend Kanak!

joey said...

As always, so enjoy the wonders that you share, Kanak. May the weekend fill your heart with glee :)

Susie said...

This looks like a nice place to visit. The pink lipstick tree bloom is really pretty.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Katarina (Roses and stuff) said...

Thanks for bringing me along! The Lipstick tree is new to me - what a beauty!
Happpy Blooming Friday!

Sandi McBride said...

I can't believe that it will be months before I see my Hibiscus bloom again...thanks for sharing yours!

Prospero said...

Hi Kanak. That pink hibiscus is really gorgeous.

easygardener said...

The Sleeping Hibiscus - what a charming name for a flower. It makes me smile!

lotusleaf said...

A very pretty and neat garden. As usual, you managed to photograph some birds too!Very interesting!

Sujata said...

The lipstick tree blooms are so beautiful..never seen them before. Thanks Kanak.

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

What a beautiful gardens! Although I love plants, I do like seeing photos of birds from other countries because they are different from the ones we have here in Arizona.

AnnA said...

Oh, I loved the sight of the Lipstick tree!
Have a nice weekend!/

Moa said...

What a nice garden/park to visit. The pink lipstick tree bloom is really pretty.

Have a nice weekend.. Moa

Wendy said...

What a nice garden visit you had. I love hibiscus - they are my favourite flower. Those lipstick flowers were very pretty too. Happy Halloween weekend. I don't think you celebrate Halloween in your part of the world, do you?

Shawn said...

Great shots pal! That Asian pied Starling looks gorgeous and you've captured it really well!

Kanak Hagjer said...

So wonderful to read your comments! Thank you so much! The Lipstick tree was something I saw (in real life) for the first time! Would love to share more photos in the future!

tina said...

Lovely shots and it looks like a very nice place to walk with that wonderful path.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Tina, the path was indeed lovely! I liked the uphill climb, never steep at any place, so it wasn't tiring.

sweet bay said...

Beautiful blooms on the Lipstick Tree. It reminds me of Prunus flowers.

Arati said...

very nice! The dragonfly looks like the 'ditch jewel'