Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gardening On The Terrace

A dusk view of one corner of my terrace garden.

Ever since the front yard was used for keeping construction material,
I started to shift many of my potted plants to the terrace. Initially,
it was done in spasmodic spells, the shift hampered by rain several
times. There are over 100 potted plants and I've added all kinds of
containers too. This was a necessity as I wanted to grow vegetables
there as well.

For growing okra, I've used these large plastic bags, originally
used for packing cement. Much more room and and I can put in a whole
lot of stuff like coconut husks, leaves from my trees, and cow dung.
The topmost layer is garden soil bought from the nursery.

Growing in one of the containers is this Canna lily/canna indica.

The sense of aesthetics isn't much of a priority here:) I'm using these
long containers made out of old wood. The Porter Weed plants are doing
well, and in the background, you can see a coleus and also a croton plant.
Below is a close shot of the croton leaf. It was my good fortune that a
dragonfly chose to land there when I was pottering about in my terrace

I've already sowed some seeds--carrot and eggplant. I hope they do well.
As for the other blooms, the four o'clocks aren't showing any signs of
fatigue and the Pink Jasmine still adds that extra special touch with its


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful garden you have! all plants look happy,

We have grown veggies in cement bags in yesteryears too, they work great as containers.

i loved the first pic, beautiful arrangement and pots

recipes for the life said...

Sometimes unusual materials can really add great touch to the garden, like old tyres, old crates etc. Your garden looks pretty.

♥ Chaitra

Susie said...

I can't believe you have that many potted plants out there Kanak. What a way to make use of a space.

Anonymous said...

All your plants look so good and I can just imagine the fragrance of the jasmine. I especially love the canna and of course that lovely dragonfly. Hope you are having a good week Kanak.

Stephanie said...

100 potted plants? So many wow! Those pots arrangment is very neat and nice. I like it. I hope that those okra will bear fruit soon. I really like the fact that you have used cement bags... very eco-friendly ;-)

lotusleaf said...

I see that your Sunset Bells are still flowering. I like the terracotta pots and the tortoise. Butterflies and dragonflies seem to beattracted to you !

tina said...

Quite innovative to use those cement bags to grow okra. The okra looks most happy too.

Green thumb said...

The terrace garden corner looks so well decorated with the blue pottery. Aesthetics may not have been an issue, but they haven't been compromised either.
You have quite a line up for the coming season.

Prospero said...

I like your watering can in the top photo. I see that you are making good use of commonly found things that can make reasonable containers. Good idea. Re-use.

Beth Niquette said...

How very creative you are. Amazing! Thank you for sharing your garden!

Mary Delle said...

Life on a terrace can be very nice. Your dragonfly is wonderful.

Carol said...

Very lovely Kanak... and as always a great dragon fly photo! I love the colors and patterns in that photo too.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Loved reading all your comments...thank you so much! It's a little crowded up most gardeners I know I lack the space and yet when I see something nice I NEED to get that one!! Needless to say, visiting (most of) your blogs have that effect on me!!

Urban Green said...

what a cute nook!
loved the canna shot. i liked your idea of growing okra in plastic bags...maybe I should try.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks, UG. You'll like it too!