Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parched By The Sun/ Weighed Down By Rain

I don't have many rosebushes but this pink one has been a
consistent October bloomer. It is fragrant and bright enough
to add that bit of happiness to my yard.

The threats have been coming for a while now. Menacing thunder
clouds have been looming large on the horizon...But it was all
bark and no bite.

I've almost forgotten the smell of rain...the earth's essence
wafting into your senses when the first drops fall. Brings back
a cloudburst of memories-- of other seasons of deluge...

Another ordinary day--- my winged visitors still refuse to spread
their wings for my camera. I can almost imagine their conversation.
Says the brown one to the white one...Psst! (lest She hears). Under
no circumstances must you spread those pretty wings of yours. If you
do that you're done for! It's enough that she hovers around us with
that whatchamacallit. If she sees us with our wings spread out we'll
be able to get her off our backs!

Sigh...responds the other. Wha...?! I should've been the one sighing!

Till yesterday the soil was bone dry. I got down to do some weeding
but the afternoon sunshine can still be punishing so not much was
done. But I did gather tiny grass blooms and headed back to the house.

The kitchen table is embellished by weeds!

It'd drizzled at night. I wished it wouldn't rain during the day...but
if wishes were horses.....It drizzled some, rained some, the whole day!
The roses were dotted with droplets...

But by late afternoon (it gets dark early nowadays) they'd almost
doubled over, weighed down by a steady drizzle.

Suddenly, the temperature has become much cooler and for the first
time,I wore a sweater today.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wet day in the garden. I didn't realize your temps dropped down like that. We actually had a nice day around 68 degrees & sunny. It was a good day to garden, but I didn't. :(

Susie said...

Isn't funny how we gardeners make up conversations for our critters? My husband and I do it all the time for the birds in our backyard. Silly but fun!!

I bet your pretty pink rose is fragrant. It looks really nice.

tina said...

It is a conspiracy for sure. Those butterflies surely know your photograph is to preserve their beauty for all time don't they? You must explain that to them the next time you are in the garden with them in case they don't understand. I bet once they understand they will kindly open their wings just for you!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Racquel, that sounds nice! The rain is keeping me indoors doing what I haven't put my heart in to--dusting!! The birds and insects keep tempting me....

Yesterday's max temp was 31 degrees celsius but today's max is 22 degrees. And forecast is bleak.
Have a lovely week, gardening or otherwise!

Susie, thank heavens, I'm not the only mad hatter around!
The roses are fragrant so once they start to fade I keep the petals in a bowl of water. Paying a tribute and bidding goodbye at the same time!

Tina, still laughing myself hoarse!! Hmm, I must find the ways and means.....Till then I'll smile through the day thinking about this!!! Thanks for the advice! LOL!!!

easygardener said...

One of the good things about rain is that suddenly the air becomes fragrant with the smells of growing things.
I too have pictures of butterflies, nearly all with their wings closed - very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have found your lovely blog and the gorgeous rose photographs and butterflies!

tina said...

Kanak, Humor is always nice and I am positive sometimes the wild things think this. Have a super day!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Beautiful photos, I espcially like the butterflies.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Yes, especially when it hasn't rained in a long while...About the of now, The Fabled Life surely means getting them to pose for me with wings wide open!

Hi Mildred, welcome...and thanks for visiting and your kind words. Quickly checked out your blog and loved what I saw. Will be visiting you. Thanks once again!

Tina, thanks. I hope so too!!

Iowa gardening woman, thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the photos.

Carla said...

If wishes were horses...I used to say that to my kids all the time. They never got it. Thank you for sharing the secret conversations of butterflies (I now know what mine are saying to each other:), and your weed bouquet!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Carla...I'd love to hear your butterfly conversation some time:)