Friday, October 17, 2008

Gourd Growth----Squashed!

Thinking that this area would be heavily gourded by now I
went to check it out. Instead, what do I see? No green
leaves, stem or tendrils clinging on the wire but dry
leaves; browned, shrunk and shrivelled by an unforgiving,
relentless could almost sense the crackle of
leaves---as dry as loofahs that's never been used!

Severed from The Main Stem it will only be a matter of
time before any signs of a vine ever being here will

From now on it looks like the vine is going to be within
the confines of a certain space. Better sense has prevailed,
after all.


Malandro said...

Visit this blog. Thank you!

Esther Montgomery said...

It reminds me rather horribly of the bat in the wires.

On the other hand, it is probably better to see it like this than have a gourd drop on your head.


Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Esther,
I'm glad too-- the vine isn't going every which way!

Have a lovely weekend.

Nancy said...

Better sense, I suppose, but it would have been fun to see the gourds growing there!


Daphne said...

Oh I could just imagine gourds growing up there. Useless since it would be dangerous to pick them. But amusing. said...

Too bad about the gourd vine. It would have been awesome to see the gourds growing there.

West Coast Island Gardener said...

Great follow up on the gourd-vine ont the line - now we're not left hanging!

BTW Very, very interesting but sad about your research into bat rescue and what happens to the baby bats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Kanak on the gourds. It was just a matter of time before this happened I suppose.

tina said...

Hate it when this happens. Mine all dried up last year and I over compensated this year by overplanting:( Maybe next year?

Susie said...

Oh pooh, I was hoping to see gourds hanging down. I think that would have looked neat. of course, that probably would have been a little on the dangerous side.

Rhonda said...

Oh darn it no gourds! I love the title of this post..very creative.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you all so much for your words...Mixed reactions to the gourd but it's always nice to read/hear what people have to say... Thanks once again!