Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Wire Too High

Wires, electrical or otherwise, have a lot of activity on them. And
with so many birds flocking to these perches, dull moments are few
and far between! It's time for a little romance for these love-birds...

whereas for these two, time spent on the most happening perch is in---
companionable silence.


Taking a breather...

contemplating the instant future?!

tragic, an electrocuted bat...I happened to see it from the car,
stopped and took this shot. I've never seen anything like this

What can I say about this, except GO(ourd) FOR IT!!!!!


West Coast Island Gardener said...

What an interesting presentation of photos of birds and the tragic bat on the wires.

Each photo told a story that was charged with sentiment.

I wonder what will happen to the power line once it gets heavy with guourds. I just hope it isn't in the middle of watching an important cricket match on the TV.

Susie said...

As I was looking at your pictures I thought about all the birds here that do the same thing. I have never seen an electrocuted one before. How tragic for that poor thing.

Love the Go-urd line! I hope if gourds do form you'll get some pictures. How neat would that look!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Shauna, thanks for your kind comment.
That was what I was wondering too, when the I first noticed the gourd merrily twining itself there. People (must be livewires), from the nearby (and responsible for this) house have really high hopes!! The cricket match thought made me laugh! Now, that would be a Situation!! It'll serve them right!! LOL!!

Hi Susie, I'd love to see birds from your part of the world too. Yes, seeing the bat was disturbing.

Didn't think about the follow-up about the gourd vine. But that's
a great idea. Thanks!

Linda Lunda said...

Love is in the air!
So sorry about the bat! They have so sweet faces ... it hurts in my hart becourse I accely like them......
Sooooon I will go to Thailand agian and I cant help thinking that I will be neer you when I am there!!! Neerer than now anyway!
The plant that is going against the whire are awsam!

Karin SKARA said...

Lovely Blogg you have.
So sorry about the bat.
Have a nice day
Karin //

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks, Linda. All your photos of Thailand are so beautiful. Lucky you! Living in two different amazing worlds! I f you visit India you'll be most in Guwahati.

Hi Karin, so lovely to have you here and thank you for visiting. Will pop by your blog soon.
Have a lovely day too!

Anonymous said...

Great shots of the birds on the high wires. Tragic about the bat, poor thing. I've never seen a gourd growing on power lines, not a good idea.

Carla said...

Beautiful (and funny) EXCEPT for the bat-how sad!

Ali said...

Hello Kanak,
Namaste. Sorry I haven't been in touch recently. I have been looking at your blog very frequently. I just haven't had time to reply due to personal circumstances here.
I hope you are keeping well.
Ali :)

Titania said...

Hi Kanak, thank you very much for your nice comment.
Your post is excellent. The birds. Artists in love on the highwire is very unique.The Gourd reaching out, great shot. And the poor little bat, have seen them here too hanging upside down.

julian said...

Poor bat :( But I wonder how it got electrocuted, birds sit on wires all the time... I thought that there has to be some connection with the ground for the current to pass through or something...

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

It's like a good movie! By the way I'm a hugh fan of bollywood movies, I've even seen one in Jaipur with no subtitles :-) It was great!

Eden said...

Love birds and bats. So sad about the bat. We have several in Eden and it´s great to see them at dawn and they fly realy close.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Racquel, I went to check the gourd -wire today. Found out it is one of those TV cable wires. Even that is no place for a climber!

Carla, I'll be mentioning the bat in my reply to Julian's message.

Namaste Ali, welcome back! Yes, it's been quite some time. I'm fine, thanks. Hope everything gets sorted out for you soon. Would love to see your cheerful self again!

Hi Trudi, did my bit of googling after reading your it's quite a common occurence in Australia too! Thank you for all your kind words...images from The Orchard keep coming to my mind....

Julian, that's what I thought too! But now I've found out that injuries to bats occur when resting on the wire and two lines are touched simultaneously by their wings. These injuries prove fatal. On the other hand, birds rest on a single wire. More tragic news.....a dependent bat baby, carried by its mother can remain hidden in the fold of its parent's wings for days before it finally dies of starvation, unless it is rescued. You might like to check out more details at

Hi Tyra, welcome, welcome! Glad to know you're a Bollywood fan. And thanks for stopping by!

Eden, thanks. Will soon see you at Bits and Pieces!

walk2write said...

Tragic about the bat and funny picture with the gourd! I noticed something curious when I clicked on the gourd picture to enlarge it. Is that scaffolding on the building in the background made out of bamboo?

Kanak Hagjer said...

W2W, yes it is. That's a common sight here. Bamboo scaffolding is extensively used here and also in many Asian countries. Thanks for your comment.

Lucy said...

Hi Kanak

I don't suppose that gourd is putting much effort into going along that wire - it's simply doing what gourds do . . . none the less, when circumstances need me to exert myself beyond the norm . . . I think I'll think of it.


Kanak Hagjer said...

Couldn't agree more, Lucy.