Saturday, October 25, 2008

Come Into The Garden, Mauve

I've always found this colour so appealing. While buying plants
at a nursery, my attention was drawn to the pretty mauve blooms
of the star-fruit. It was planted in a large plastic container,
and in the midst of myriad greens and browns, it stood out....
resplendent in mauve!

I've posted the picture of Mexican heather before but can't resist
posting again. Ditto with the wood sorrel below.

I'd always considered these 'edible weeds' not deserving their own
pot. But seeing the plant in others' blogposts changed my perception
of weeds. With some plants there's only a thin dividing line between
flower and weed.

I don't know what this is called but the mauve blooms are tiny and
pretty too! Even the stems are purplish and the variegation makes
it look attractive.
These are the mauves that I have now. My garlic vine died with all
the water-logging during the rainy season. But a cutting has survived.
It'll take some time for the mauve clusters to make their resurrected
debut...Hopefully, I'll be able to post the photos--in mauves!

And on to something else...With the change of season, the skies are
all dressed up for the occasion! Orange rules...and how!

The red bleeding hearts I'd posted earlier are baring their hearts out
now. But somehow I feel they're baring their souls too!


patientgardener said...

Lovely mauves but I really like the bleeding heart.

marmee said...

i love that last photo of the bleeding heart. it looks beautiful with the mauve and red together. i love that combination.

tina said...

Love that sky. Bet it was even more spectacular in person and I get it from your words. For me, mauve is a so so color in the garden. Sorry. I am more a red hot color person-reds-yellows-oranges. Garish, I know, but I like those bright colors.

themanicgardener said...

I picked this as soon as I saw the title. Tee hee. I wonder what Tennyson would think....

Beautiful blooms, but I'd call a lot of them lilac, not mauve. (Just to pick nits.) The first one has the dusty, pinker hue I associate with mauve. I wonder, is it the reproduction of the colors, or how we define them? I actually got into a discussion earlier this week over the difference, if any, between mauve and old rose. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Those are some lovely shades of mauve in your garden. I really like that bright red bleeding heart though. I'm use to the pink & white varieties that I grow in my garden.

Susie said...

That bleeding heart really is showing off.

That variegated plant looks kind of like a Jewels of Opar. I'm not sure but we sold those at the nursery. I have one but it has greenish/yellowish foliage.

Wendy said...

Oh I love that bleeding heart. So pretty! All your photos are pretty. Colours vivid and bright. Skies are nice too.
Here, in Canada the weather is turning cold. Gardens are put to bed for the winter. Boo hoo!

Nancy said...

Ahh, I do love a Bleeding Heart... but I love mauve too, esp my mauve colored rose!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Patientgardener, thanks. Glad you stopped by.

Marmee, it was more of pink earlier but now that you've mentioned it I realise the mauve tinge is quite dominant.

Tina, that's okay. Yes the sky was in all its splendour and I clicked on like there was no tomorrow! Without blogging I don't think I'd ever have realised the significance of these simple words--'autumn skies' and 'harvest moon'.

Kate, borrowing lines from any of The Revered Ones does make me go through the Hamlet process. Hmm, to use or not to use...but the temptation was too much!! Yes, the first blooms have the pinks too but y'know about sticking to the story line...LOL!

I've always used the 'm' word rather than the 'l' word for this colour. Childhood associations, I guess. It's more about how we define, I think. Glad you came up with this.

Racquel, thanks. Reds seem to have a way of winning hearts!!

Susie, thanks for the name. I googled after reading your comment and it is the Jewel of Opar. I'm happy I can give due respect to the plant by referring to it by its rightful name!

Wendy, hi and welcome to Terrafarmer! You've opened up another world for me....your blog and your bloglist! Thanks.

Nancy, you do have a lovely collection of roses. The mauve rose sounds like a dream. Glad you like the red bleeding hearts!

spookydragonfly said...

I just love the Bleeding Hearts, I have them in my garden as well. Sure wish I had all this color blooming in my woods right now, but it's much too cold!

Beautiful skyscape capture, Kanak!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks Kim. I'll be visiting you sooon!