Monday, October 13, 2008

Blue Butterfly Pea and Red Bleeding Heart

I was greeted by this vivid blue yesterday. My butterfly pea's
first bloom! It's the double-petalled variety and almost rose-
like in appearance. In the single variety, the white in the middle
of the flower is easily seen but here, you can't make out.
This plant belongs to the pea family. The colour of the blooms
may range from purple, lavender, white and deep blue.

A native of sub-tropical America and India, it can grow up to
9ft in length. It looks nice trellised. The seeds are produced
like peas.

This plant is less spectacular in appearance than its white and
red cousin. Although it is known as Red Bleeding Heart it's more
pink than red. But against those dark green leaves, the pink
clusters certainly cannot be ignored!


Linda Lunda said...

That blue flower in the top that lokes like a blue rose... they have that in Thailnd to... I think its lovely!
One of the teachers at a school I wisided told me that they uses that plant to die ther hair black!
I did get some seed back with me to Sweden... but I forgotten to grow them :o(.

Eden said...

Love the colour on the top flower. Have a nice day.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi L:inda,
Thanks. I've read about the dye too, must find out more about this. In India the roots and the leaves are believed to have medicinal properties and are used for the treatment of piles, migraine, and pulmonary diseases.

Hi Eden, thanks for stopping by. Will drop by your blogs soon and spend some time there.

easygardener said...

Both flowers are lovely but the butterfly pea is particularly beautiful - it's such an intense colour.

Anonymous said...

That is a vibrant shade of blue! Absolutely gorgeous blooms. Thanks for sharing more exotic beauties with us.

tina said...

What a pretty flower! I can understand your excitement as the first bloom is always so special.

Susie said...

The blue bloom is gorgeous Kanak! So are the seed pods green or colorful? I like your pink bleeding heart. We sold the reddish one at work. I think it was a big seller.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Easygardener, thank you for stopping by.

Racquel, thanks! Doesn't the colour remind you of the blue salvia?

Tina, thanks! The first bloom and that too a double-flowered variety!

Susie, the seed pods aren't colourful, they're green. I've seen the reddish bleeding hearts on Blotanical. Now those are spectacular, but I've never seen them in my region. Thank you for your comment.

julian said...

Very nice :) Are these creepers, and do they grow very fast? I'm looking for flowering slow growing creepers for our fence. Thanks :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Julian, thanks for the visit. These grow quite fast. If you want the slow-growing variety you could try the garlic vine. Lovely mauve to pink clusters it bears...maybe you already know...?

julian said...

No I don't know of it, but I'll check it out thanks!

Elke said...

These are very nice flowers, the color of the blue pea ist gorgeous. And already their names sound lovely.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I tried to answer in english ;-)

Carla said...

I have this as a tropical plant. Mine is single. I LOVE that double! WOW! Its cousin isn't to shabby either!!

Lonely Paul said...


Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Elke, thanks. Some flowers do have endearing names. Love having you here!

Carla, thank you. A double layer does make a big difference...