Sunday, May 17, 2009

Of Bugs...And Blooms

I've never had it so good this year! Spoilt for choice, really!
It's bugs galore! This tiny dragonfly went through the entire
A-Z Gamut-of-Wings as I clicked away!

And this red/black bug literally screamed at me for this shot!

The first is always special. It's been raining off and on,
and this is the first rain lily to bloom.

The combination of rain and wind is a little harsh on petals
as delicate as these. But the bugs? Oh, they don't seem to
mind at all!

And sometimes, in little puddles created by a sudden rain,
one might find a lifeless butterfly floating. But even the
dead have company! I saw the fly/bee after the photo was
loaded on the computer.

It took me almost a week for this Splendour-in-Rust to get
used to my presence. I'm no spring chicken, and to be dragged
from leaf to leaf/ sprig to sprig, is no mean feat! (But once
there was a time when I was nimble!!!)

But it's all worth-while! Just look at her(?) now!

The Globe Skimmer lands here when I'm clicking away at the
Common Picture Wing (below). Recently I'd posted a photo of
the male Common Picture Wing. This one is a female--there's
more black on its wings.

A tiny blue dragonfly.

This red one was the most elusive.

Perched on a sunflower stalk, this one looks like it's gulping
down the last morsel of grub!

Pink Ixora ready to burst.

It's not rare to find dragonflis either hurt or near-dead
around this time. This beautifully-hued one could barely

This is only the start of the parade. There are so many other
varieties/hues to come and I'm very much looking forward to
shooting them for posterity. Who knows what tomorrow will


Karen said...

Hi Kanak - I learn so much every time I visit here! My first glimpses of rain lily and Picturewings, red dragonflies and Splendour-in-Rust. Priceless! Thank you for having the patience to keep after these little treasures and for sharing them with us.

Susie said...

You know Kanak I thought of you the other day. I saw my first dragonfly. He/her was a beautiful blue color. Of course I didn't have the camera but it was very pretty.

I enjoyed looking at all your garden visitors.

Anonymous said...

What a splendid array of dragonflies Kanak! You are truly amazing with these photographs. I always think of you when I'm in the garden and I see a dragonfly. Hope you have a great week.

shailaja said...

Kanak, you are well on your way to producing a tome on dragonflies! I’m spellbound by the carnival of dragonflies in your garden! And, still more to come? Wow.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Always glad to Karen! The name Splendour-in-Rust was something I made up:) Did not manage to get the exact names of this one, as well as that of the red one. Still trying though. Real pleasure to shoot them...

Thanks Susie. I'm glad! I had recently bought a colourful, garish rather, dragonfly chime and then forgot to post its photo!!

Thank you so much, Mildred. I find them so fascinating that I go out in the yard several times not wanting to miss out on any opportunity!

Shailaja, carnival is the word! Love it! I haven't photographed the yellow ones, and among the reds...there are many. A tome? Nice thought to keep me going:)

NatureStop said...

Your post was really great.We enjoyed all the colourful dragonflies.Here we have seen just a few..guess it's the heat that prevents them from leaving their hiding places(we are at 52/53 degree Celcius)

Stephanie said...

Rain Lily flowers are beautiful! I like the white rain lily you posted here. Lovely!

Noted your comments on Crape Myrtle just now. Very helpful. If I need to plant one, then I should really look for the dwarf variey as Prospero suggested. I have limited space in my garden.

Chandramouli S said...

A Bugs Galore! I love it. The Ixora to looks like a many legged insect! Beautiful, Kanak. Like the shot of the dragonfly perched on the sunflower stalk. Looks cute.

Linda Lunda said...

LOVE your dragonflyphotos.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Kanak, I wandered into your blog from somewhere else - and what a happy accident it was! I've really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all your beautiful photos. Thank you so much.

tina said...

That red dragonfly is so awesome! I do think the bugs are enjoying all the rain here too.

My Mother's Garden said...

Oh, Kanak! What a great post! Looks like it was a lovely day in the garden capturing photos of so many beautiful bugs. The red dragonfly was so cool looking, I've never seen a dragonfly with such large wings. My favorite photo was the dragonfly perched on the sunflower stalk, it looks like a little dragonfly fairy.

Kanak, you mentioned that you were planting the ruelia for the first time and I wanted to pass on a tip.
BEWARE... it is extremely invasive. It is actually one of the only two plants I regretted putting in the garden. My garden is pretty small so it really took over, I imagine if you have lots of space it would be a great addition.
Happy gardening!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Ruby/Arun, can't even imagine how bad that kind of heat will be! Here I crib about 35*!! Would love to see dragonflies from there...some day.

Stephanie, thanks. Glad to read your comment about the rain lily. all the best with the dwarf- variety Crape Myrtle.

Chandramouli, to think about the Ixora as a many-legged insect...that's lovely!

Linda, thank you so much!!

Liz, hi! So happy to have you visit my blog. Will be at yours soon!!

Tina, it just gets so tempting to see all that garden wildlife. i didn't include caterpillars but there are TONS of them!

Karrita, I started taking photos of dragonflies last year when I started the blog. But I never imagined then that I'd actually manage to take these close-up shots. Love the thought--a dragonfly fairy.
Thank you so much for telling me about the ruelia. Space is one thing I can't afford so I'll transfer one into a pot. At least the growth will be curbed!

Have a great gardening week!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen so many different dragonflies! You are lucky to have so many beautiful ones that visit. The only ones I get are the brown ones.

Wendy said...

What beautiful dragonflies - and so many different ones. I also like that dragonfly-faerie. That's what it looks like with the lovely pastel colours in the background.
You must have the patience of a saint to sit quietly and wait for the right pic.
Thanks for sharing.

Carla said...

How are you getting them to be still for their close-up? kidding of course, I know this is a feat, what great shots:)

The white one is amazing!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Racquel, I do feel lucky having so many of them coming here. One advantage of being near marshy land!!

Wendy, sometimes it's patience and sometimes I have to be plain lucky to have one landing near me. On quiet afternoons, I'm almost always on the prowl!!

Carla, thanks. The one on my new header just parked itself near me!! I couldn't believe that I could take this pic without any effort on my part!!

Titania said...

Que sera..sera, great to see all these lovely creepy, crawly, flying and resting insects in your garden. I know it takes so much patience, they never intend to fly to best accessible places. They make it very hard to get, but as more prercious they are. It is a real treat to see and to read your posts.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kanak, very beautiful pictures. I like the blue dragonfly, pretty. You yellow lantana is so pretty.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Trudi, thank you so much! You're so right about the winged ones resting in areas not accessible/camera-friendly! Why do they have to be so sensitive to the slightest movement? Sigh! And yet, the temptation is too much not to shoot them!

Lona, so lovely to have you here. Thank you for stopping by.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Love your bugs! Especially those dragonflies--what a variety! Your blog header is gorgeous, too!

Callum said...

These photos are stunning!

Sue said...

I didn't realize how far behind I had gotten on many of the blogs I enjoy. I have been enjoying every post of yours this evening. You are very gifted at photography and gardening!