Saturday, May 2, 2009

Budding Photographer

My nieces and nephew came to spend the day with me today. Sanjana,
(extreme right) is showing a keen interest in photography and
her favourite subject is--flowers! The photo below is of a white
spider on a white lily, taken by her. You'll have to click on the
photo to see the spider.

It rained heavily around noon but as soon as the rain stopped,
Sanjana walked around my front-yard and shot these pictures.

My younger son plays the drums and over the years, a lot of
sticks have been broken. Not wanting to throw them away I've
used these broken sticks for decorating a 'pot' of portulaca.

Foxtail orchid is one of the most common orchids found in
my region.

My hydrangea seems to love this place where it doesn't get
too much of the summer sun.

The blooms of Mother-in-law's Tongue.

Thank you Sanjana, for taking these photos of my blooms!


Anonymous said...

A great photo of your nieces and nephew and wow, what talent Sanjana has for photography. These pictures are amazing, especially the spider! Thank you both for sharing. We are having light rain today also.

Dirt Princess said...

Great job she did!

Randy Emmitt said...

Nice job Sanjana! Really liked the drum stick pot, very cool. And common orchids sweet.

Prospero said...

It's nice to see the Sansevieria in bloom. Your foxtail orchids look very nice. Do many other orchids grow in your area?

tina said...

Sanjana did a super good job. She'll be a good gardener like her aunt for sure. Love the drumstick idea and your hydrangea!

Anonymous said...

Great job Sanjana! I love the reuse of the drumsticks for around your pot too. Clever you! ;)

Karen said...

How cool that your niece and you share a common interest in observing and documenting the wonders of nature. I love that she looked closely enough to see the spider camouflaged on the white flower! Hilarious drumstick planter, that was really creative of you. :) How are you doing? Is your father still pretty stable? Thinking of you and hoping you are getting some peaceful moments here after so much worry.

Susie said...

She did a great job taking the pictures Kanak. I had no clue that Mother-in-Law's tongue bloomed. This is the first time I have seen that.

I like your creativity using the drum sticks. That's very cute!

Linda Lunda said...

WOW! Love the photos!
The drumstickplanting is perfect!

vuejardin said...

You are so creative, it's such a great idea to recycle the sticks for decorating portulaca plant.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice photos! Has your Ric Rac Orchid Cactus (seen in the last pic) ever bloomed? Mine hasn't, in the last ten years that I've had it!

toil-in-the-soil said...

Those are beautiful pictures!!! I can't wait to see more!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred/Dirt Princess/Randy, so happy to read what you've written.

Prospero, there are many dendrobium varieties like:

Golden-flowered dendrobium
Leafless dendrobium
Handsome flowered dendrobium
Jenkin's dendrobium
Noble dendrobium

Blue Vanda
Aloe Leaf cymbidium
Moon orchid
Purple ascocentrum has a great deal of info/photos on flowers.

Thanks, Tina. Sanjana was thrilled to bits when I told her!

Racquel,thanks! To be complimented by a person who has a way of using stuff in the garden...I'm honoured!!

Karen, thanks a ton! I'm so happy my niece is showing this interest. As for my father, he's totally bed-ridden now but the intolerable pain has subsided. There isn't really any chance for further improvement. At least not seeing a loved one suffering so much makes it a lot easier for my mother.

Thanks, Susie. Although I've had mother-in-law's tongue for years, it was only about two years ago that they bloomed. Or I noticed the blooms. The blooms are tiny and greenish white.

Linda/vuejardin, thank you so-o much!

Shailaja, thanks. I don't have that orchid. The orchid-like plants are a) Amaryllis (newly planted) b) Walking Iris. I've got them in pots because I'm literally testing the waters. Summer flooding can be BAD here.

toil-in-the-soil, thanks a million!!! Wonderful to have you stop by.

Sano said...

The white spider on the white lily was amazing.... it has a smiling face too!! :-) ( Way to go Girl - Sanjana )
The broken drum sticks you have used it so wonderfully... I loved it!! (

Kanak Hagjer said...

Sano, so glad to read your comment. So happy to see you here!!!