Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Blog Called NatureStop

I'm so happy to post this today. NatureStop is a new blog by
Arunava and Shantana.To me, Arun and Ruby. They have a lovely
little daughter named Diya. Arun/Ruby are based in Oman. And
as the name of the blog suggests, they're true-blue nature
freaks.If I remember right, Diya accompanied her parents to
her first wildlife park at the grand old age of one month!!

(In case the link doesn't work, please use the link on my
Blog list.)

This picture is of my very good friend, Chandana, with her
daughter, Sneha. Ruby is Chandana's kid sister. That's the
connection. Visiting NatureStop, I've been able to see
many of the parks that I haven't been to. Arun recently
won a prize at a photography competition in Oman. Congrats
once again, Arun. We hope to see hundreds and hundreds of
posts in your beautiful blog.


I promised I'd post pictures of my pink/white four o'clocks
when they open. Well, they did and I didn't really expect
them to be this exotic! And all on the same plant too!


Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

Sounds like a lovely blog, I'll have to pay them a visit. Love the Four 'O Clocks, but when I planed them in my yard they ended up taking over one year. This year I've found the seedlings everywhere! It's say too because I love them!

tina said...

Those 4 O'clocks are very stunning! I can just imagine the scent. Neat you have a connection to a family in Oman. Nature is so wonderful!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Love your 4 O'clocks, never heard of them before nor have I seen any either. I learn new things every day, isn't it just amazing.
Now I'm going to visit Nature Stop and probably learn more stuff :-)

LOLove Tyra

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the link with us. Your flowers are so very pretty! I hope you are having a wonderful day and now I'm off to visit Nature Stop.

Titania said...

I will go and check out your good friends nature blog. Your four o clock with the varigated flowers is so beautiful. Mine has "only" dark pink flowers and never looks as attractive. Yours looks nearly like the Azalea Mrs. Bolton, the name does not justice to the delicate coloured flowers.(no offence to Mrs. Bolton whoever she is or was!)

Frances said...

Hi Kanak, it is so nice to have blogging friends. We will make a visit to Naturespot soon! Your four o'clocks are very exotic, love the stripey colors!

islandgal246 said...

Kanak thanks for sharing your friends blog I will definitely check it out. Lovely four o'clock, I used to grow some and I had the one that had all colours on one plant, yellow, red, pink and white. I do have some seed somewhere in my refrigerator.

NatureStop said...

Kanak,Thank you so much for introducing us and our blog..We are really are anyways such akind and caring person and we are fortunate to be your friends.(Chandana will go red when she hears her pic is here:-))
Your Four o'çlock flowers and really beautiful

Susie said...

I love the Mirabilis when the colors mingle. I had yellow and white ones in the past that produced mingled colors. I've also seen the yellow/pink ones. They too are pretty. Thanks for letting us know about Nature Stop.

Carla said...

Fancy blooms;)
(I try these type of seeds, but only the plain pink and white seem to grow for me.)
Thanks for the new blog link.

Kanak Hagjer said...


First of all I'd like to thank you all for visiting NatureStop and for all your kind words here....What a lovely community the blog world is!


Hi Tessa, I'll have to see whether that happens to me too! They do tend to spread fast but now I'm thinking of them as possible hummingbird moth attractors.
Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Tina. They do smell so good!

Tyra, same here. I've learnt so much about cold climate gardening too. I'd never even heard about hellebores before!

Have a great weekend Mildred. I couldn't reply to my messages yesterday due to a power failure.

Thanks that you've mentioned it, they do look like azaleas. I'd love to get the other colours now! Variegated varieties do look so stunning.

Frances, thank you so much! So right about blogging friends...and really feel so good about sharing!

Helen, that sounds exotic! I thought variegation had its limits!!! Must've blended so well in your stunning garden!

Ruby/Arun, the pleasure is mine. But thanks for all your kind words. It's so wonderful to be able to share something as exciting as a nature blog!

Did tell Chandana about it...there are quite a few pics of hers posted in the past year.

So true, Susie. Before I had these variegated ones I went into oohs and aahs over the plain ones! But now I'll be looking for more colours in one bloom.

Hi Carla! Glad you like them! As I was telling Susie, I'll be looking around for more colours!

Rosemary said...

Those are the most beautiful portulacas I have ever seen!