Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Visit To Daffodil Nursery

One of the best nurseries in this region is Daffodil nursery.
I first started visiting this place in the mid 90s when it
was a place that looked like it had all the makings of
success. Next to a busy highway connecting several states,
and plenty of space, it's a bustling place with many
customers. Many smaller nurseries depend on Daffodil
for huge supplies; no wonder they advertise themselves
as suppliers of all things horticultural.

We set off in the morning. It's a beautifully warm day. My
brother is sporting enough to drive over 40 kms to Daffodil.
As we leave the city behind, the road goes uphill and in the
distance the tree-covered hills look so green.

Thunderclouds loom large over this range of blue hills and
for a few seconds, with the sun behind the thick curtain, it
feels like late afternoon. How peaceful the whole scene looks!

The sight of azaleas greet us as we reach...

Wide open spaces, rows and rows of plants! I'm so glad I've
come here!

This gazebo-like structure near the entrance is the cash-

There was so much to drink in...


admire....and then select...

One of the rough and ready contraptions used to cart plants
to waiting cars.

This boot can only hold so much!!


Anonymous said...

Kanak, I love that you share your daily outings with us. As I sit at home quietly, it allows me to visit all these faraway places. This places looks like a treasure chest. It would be hard to see it all and then make choices! The drive there is extraordinarily pretty and I appreciate getting to tag along!

Nicole said...

That looks like a lovely trip. I so do enjoy visits to a plant nursery!

Susie said...

I enjoyed seeing all the blooms on those azaleas. How beautiful. I like how you purchase plants in bags instead of plastic pots like we do. Looks like you can fit more into your vehicle that way. Also, it seems like that would be easier to recycle. So, what all plants did you get?

Wendy said...

I love trips to the gardening centers. Just heavenly! Thanks for posting this. I sit here with snow on the ground and the overnight temp dropping into the minus numbers. I won't be visiting a gardening center until May!
Except the indoor ones which I absolutely haunt in mid-winter. Just to breathe in the fresh earth and inhale the tropical scents of plants. An oasis in the middle of a long, cold winter.

The daffodils you are referring to are not the same daffodils we have here. Ours are spring bulbs. Or is this the name of the garden center?
And by the way - do you do a celebration around the time we do Christmas?

Chandramouli S said...

Cool Kanak! You made quite a purchase. Visits to Nurseries are always exciting, but it makes me very unstable - like I'll be totally at loss as to what to choose and what not to! I want everything in there! :D
The sad thing is, nurseries here in Chennai are not all that bustling coz people aren't passionate enough to try new plants (of course there are quite a handful, but comparatively it's really few) and they're too busy to tend to plants. Sad that a country in which Gardening is an Ancient art, lacks a huge population of people who're skilled at and love it.

Anonymous said...

What a large selection they have at your Daffodil Nursery! Looks like you got quite a few things, hopefully you share what they are with us soon. Thanks for taking us along on your road trip!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, it is a treasure chest! Not only do they have innumerable plants but the space at the back runs into acres--with the family's paddy fields and streams and blue, blue hills! This really is the best time to visit such places otherwise the heat bogs you down.

Thanks was heavenly!

Susie, my flower bed wasn't really filling out so I thought I'd buy some calendula and zinnia. But once I got there....y'know!! They told me that the azaleas were grown there although they were originally brought from the Himalayan foothills.
So I bought one. I got Christmas cactus in two colours, impatiens in two colours, spider ivy, poinsettia(red),salvia, elina, magnolia sapling, plastic/golden fern and three kinds of roses.

They sell plants in earthen pots too but I prefer the bags. I use the bags to plant my surplus plants, usually to be given away.

Hi Wendy, I can guess how refreshing those visits might be! I haven't seen daffodils around here, it just hapens to be the name of the garden centre.
We normally get together at one of our friends' place. Erica, that's her name, puts up all those pretty decorations and a tree. I love the celebration at her place. We also sing Christmas carols sometimes.
Having studied in a Catholic school we are familiar with many of them.

Chandramouli, I think gardeners can never stick to their lists! Mental or otherwise. Sad to know that Chennai doesn't have really good nurseries. Maybe there are other kinds of creativity that's more rewarding...

Yes, Racquel, I'll be including them in my posts. Glad you like the road trip!!

Linda Lunda said...

Ohhh pleace Kanak... take me there with you!!!!
Soo fantastic!

tina said...

I don't know how I missed this post Kanak. A bit overwhelmed am I? No. too many blogs? Maybe. Out of town and not on my computer. Yes. But here I am nonetheless. It is funny how we are going thru winter while you are starting spring. I know I will sound most ignorant (not the first time), but you are in the southern hemisphere? That is why the seasons are opposite? The azaleas are great.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Linda, soooo glad to see your response!!

Tina, I'm not in the southern hemisphere and it's not spring but our much-loved, much-awaited cool winter!
Throughout summer we have the rains but flowers like zinnias and cosmos thrive in that kind of weather. As for veggies it's brinjal (that's what we call eggplants here), squash, okra... But as soon as it gets cooler, by late Oct, early Nov it's time to plant, plant !
People go all out with flowers. That's why we call them season flowers here. Popular in this season are---calendula, petunia, phlox, marigold, mums, gerbera, sweet william, cornflower, larkspur etc. And with veggies it's carrots, cauliflower, broad beans, gourds, spinach to name a few.
Spring has different blooms...when it's here, I'll post the blooms of spring. I hope you don't find this reply too long!
As for me I shall eagerly wait your spring posts. Fall leaves, overwintering, bulbs being planted...I've found all this very, very fascinating. And I'm so glad you asked!

tina said...

Never too long for me Kanak. I am learning quite a bit about gardening-and I like to do that anytime.

Carla said...

Kanak-you need a bigger trunk!
What a haul:)
Thank you for sharing your trip, and the lovely rows and rows of lovelies:)
Just what I needed on this cold windy East Texas day:)

Sumithra said...

this is sumithra from i am in was so interesting to see ur gardenblog site..i am very much interested in gardening and did had many plants and a`wonderful garden before my ,married for 7 years ,i really could not find time for doing that.i do like to do in future.bye.

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Kanak, Tried calling you quite a few times. Initially it kept on ringing and was out and later getting a message that it's switched off. Sent you messages too. If you have access to Internet, please check your mail/messages and call me. Hope you're well and safe :)