Monday, December 8, 2008

Homeward Bound

Yesterday's post was about my visit to Daffodil nursery. On the
way back we stopped at an eatery located next to a paddy field.
If it's the north-east of India, bamboo rules. The shape of this
roof caught my eye.

What bliss! From our table, this was the view! Fields of rice and
the hills in the back-ground. There were flocks of small birds
merrily pecking at all that grain. They really need a scarecrow
around here!

Drop dead gorgeous marigold to usher in diners!

While waiting for the food to arrive I went around the vicinity.
This bee was hovering on a bare frangipani stump. Look at the touch
of blue!

A little stream gurgled along the periphery of the eatery. On the
bank, wild flowers bloomed.

A swallowtail feeds on wild lantana.

The outskirts of the city. The day was hazy and clear in
turns. And as the sun played hide and seek and the clouds
were all set for a spectacular afternoon show...I was glad
we'd made this trip!!


Linda Lunda said...

Ohhh... what a longing fore Asia.... Its hard .. When I am in Sweden I want to go to Asia and when I am in Thailand... I want to be in Sweden.
One dream would be to liv 6 month in Thailand and 6 month in Sweden(summer).
But its just a dream. I think I would miss the Swedish Cristmas then...

Anonymous said...

That is a most unusual roof and the bee is really unique. Can you share with us what you had to eat on your lovely outing?

Chandramouli S said...

What a perfect trip Kanak! The bee looks sweet and the roof is really unique. Now I should really travel to Nothern parts of India soon...

Susie said...

Those marigolds are gorgeous! I'm not a big fan of them but those are really showing what a great plant they really are.

The setting of the restaurant was wonderful. Thanks for showing us the picture of that little blue bee. He looked quite happy showing off for you.

tina said...

Your country is quite fascinating. I had no idea rice was grown there! Love the blue bee. Hey blue bee come see me! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

What a quaint little restaurant situated in the middle of all that lush greenery. Dining El Fresco in a beautiful place like that really stimulates the appetite. :)

marmee said...

thanks for letting us see a little of your countryside. very cool. that little eatery looks great. i love seeing it.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Linda, the six-monthly arrangement would be great! The best of both worlds!

Mildred, the restaurant serves basic Indian and Chinese food. We had rice with a thick dal, fried fish (caught from a nearby river), a vegetable dish made with cauliflower and potatoes, salad and a pork dish. With locally available products and fresh herbs, the food was delicious.
Many eateries on the highway cook Indian food best. Trying Chinese would've been a self-inflicted torture!:)

Good to know that, Chandramouli. You have your beaches and the sea and we have our never-ending greenery!

Susie, oh yes, that bee was in its element! I'm not too fond of marigolds either maybe because we see TOO many of them!

Tina, rice is a staple in eastern and southern India. You'll be surprised to know that there are so many varieties. Some are very fragrant too! Glad you liked the bee!

Racquel, that's right. I think I couldn't have asked for a better view...

Hi Marmee, happy to see you here...thanks for stopping by.

Blossom said...

What a gorgeous spot! I really love those abundant marigolds against the brightly painted buildings.


Kanak Hagjer said...

Yes, Amy. It was great being in the midst of all that natural beauty. Thanks for your visit!

Carla said...

So pretty! The green, the stream, the wild flowers, the sky, the bee, the roof, and WOW the marigold:)