Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bloom time

I was pleasantly surprised to see this budding bromeliad
yesterday. Last year show time was in Feb/March. Looks
like someone's in a tearing hurry. Hmm, I don't mind at

Zephyranthes or zephyr lily comes from Zephyrus, the god
of the West Wind in Greek mythology. The literal trans-
lation would be West Wind flower. These plants love the
rain that the West Wind brings. Zephyr--- gentlest of
winds, the messenger of spring.

When this rainlily bloomed a week ago, there was neither
wind nor rain. And I'd planted a few in a container
which has a croton. I really don't remember these plants
blooming at this time of the year. At least, not in my

I'd posted about these canna plants earlier after my
"discovery". Since then they've been dug out from
the near-oblivion site and planted on a proper bed!
They did provide a bit of cheer in a drab landscape.

There are so many varieties of Allamanda that it's difficult
to say which one this is. After a lot of googling, I've
finally settled for Allamanda violacea Cherry Jubilee.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. I was only told (in the
nursery) that this one was Allamanda. Period. Little did
I know that trying to learn the exact names can also
drive you (a little) round the bend!!!


tina said...

It does drive me crazy trying to figure out exact names. Sometimes I want to know just to know, sometimes I think it is best not to worry about it. But we do anyhow:) Lovely blooms no matter the name, that is what counts.

easygardener said...

I particularlylike the Zephyr lily and also the Canna which is a lovely cheerful colour.
I obsess about plant names too and though the internet is helpful I find it can occupy you for hours chasing that elusive picture.

Carla said...

Pretty blooms, I didn't know that about the zephyr lily (which we call rain lily), my brother will love this info (as this grows in his yard, and he loves mythology:)

Thank you, as always, for sharing:)

Karen said...

Gorgeous, every one! Are any of them fragrant? Maybe that would be too much to ask for...

Weeping Sore said...

I've some cannas that haven't flowered for a few years, but continue to show foliage in Spring.
I suppose I should try digging them up, dividing and feeding them. They're such gaudy show-offs when they bloom, but I can't resist the colors.
Your cannas, and other pastel flowers are a sight for winter-starved eyes.

Anonymous said...

All the flowers are pretty. I have some salmon colored cannas that we enjoy. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Wonderful, wonderful Kanak I love your pictures they almost look humid and hot! I know it sounds weird.../ Tyra

Rhonda said...

It is so refreshing to see flowers blooming and plants green. My garden looks incredibly dead...LOL Snow all day on Monday is just now melting off. thanks you for the wonderful comment you left on my site about the adopt a soldier program. I am so sorry to hear about the horrible attack over in your country. Just heartbreaking. It seems there isn't a safe place left in this world. Gardening seems to be medicine for the soul in such times.

Susie said...

How lovely to see blooms like these in your part of the country Kanak. I was wondering the other day, after seeing your last post, how your new plants you bought were doing. Looks like these are doing great!

Kanak Hagjer said...

That's right Tina. I must've have spent one precious hour trying to match the colours. From now on I think I should just stick to the family name!! Glad you liked the blooms.

Thanks Easygardener. I'm particularly fond of this yellow. I've started noticing wild blooms too ( due to blogging ) and many cannas growing wild on waysides are red, either plain or blotched with other colours. As for the correct name for the canna, I don't have the energy!:)

Hi Carla, looking up rain lilies I came across their other aliases---fairy lily and rain flower too! It was interesting to read up on this plant and I had to remind myself that I wasn't doing mythology--only a few facts!! Thanks.

Karen, I went out to sniff:) but no particular fragrance as such. Only a typical plant kind of smell!

Weeping Sore, yes, replanting them should help. The same thing happened to mine. I'd forgotten I had cannas because they didn't bloom for a few years.

But a new bed and dividing the rhizomes has rewarded me with these showy and cheerful blooms!
Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks Mildred. Those salmon coloured ones must be really attractive!

Tyra, from all that fairy-land snow I suppose that must be the feeling!! I can understand! Thanks.

Yes Rhonda, at least plants temporarily take your mind off disturbing images. Even worries.
I've told my sons and husband about the program and they thought it's a wonderful idea too!
Despite your garden going off to sleep, I'm always eager to see new posts from you!

Susie, these plants were bought much earlier. The beds are taking their own sweet time..they haven't really filled out the way I'd expected them to. I'll post once they look more 'presentable'.:)

Chandramouli S said...

Hi Kanak,
Even my Rain Lilies bloom when there's no wind or rain. I'd be expectantly looking at them everyday after the rains but they wouldn't even turn up but suddenly they'd flower! Strange ones aren't they?
Could that be the Rubber Vine (Allamanda)? Coz of the pointy leaves... but the bud looks like the Purple Allamanda. Are the underside of the leaves hairy?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Chandramouli, now I'll keep track of rain lily bloom time. I thought the monsoon was their time!
No that's not the Rubber Vine. It IS the purple Allamanda. I checked the underside of the leaves with a torch...fine hair on the veins, yes, but I'm glad it's not the R.V.

Linda Lunda said...

DO you know what!!! I have been to India!!!! For about a half hour!
The plane made a quick stop there on the way home.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hiiii!! Welcome back to blogdom!! Next time I hope you visit my country...but that must've been exciting for you! I'd be too!!! But it's GREAT to see a new post and 'picks' and comments from you!!

Sunita said...

Kanak, I know exactly what you mean about going round the bend trying to figure out the right names. Thank God for Google Images.It helps to affirm if you're right but I wish it would work the other way too... upload your picture and it'll identify it.
Hey Google... you listening???

Kanak Hagjer said...

Sunita,that sounds wonderful!! With technology growing by Leaps and Bounds, who knows?! Cheers to that!

Thanks For 2 Day said...

Hi Kanak,
I want to let you know how beautiful I think your blog is...and I've had a nice visit! You left me a comment about a poem I wrote around Thanksgiving time and I am not sure whether I left you a return message...or not...

I know I've been to your site before because I recognize some of it--but I just wanted to say hi anyway! I'll link myself to you, if that's ok...Take care, Jan