Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Hornbill Festival

The week-long Hornbill festival in the neighbouring state of Nagaland concluded on the 7th of December. Named after the Great Indian Hornbill, the most famous bird of the state, the festival showcases the best that the state and its people has to offer. Craft, sculpture, foodstalls, floral exhibits and the rich cultural heritage of the different tribes are beautifully displayed.

The photo on the left (for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to continue with my usual format) shows the replica of the birds.
Belonging to the family Bucerotidae, hornbills are found in
tropical and su-tropical regions of the world. They have long,
curved bills which are generally brightly coloured. The name
refers to the shape of the bill. Buceros being "cow horn" in
Greek. They nest in natural cavities in trees and sometimes
on cliffs.

The hornbills are noted for their nesting habit. The male seals
the female into the cavity and feeds her through a bill-sized
opening for as long as the female incubates the eggs. That could
be anything from a period of six weeks to three months.

(Facts taken from Wiki)

My husband was there during the last two days of the festival. These
are the images he came back with. Several tribes, there are as many
as sixteen, put on a grand show. He's still raving about it. I can under-
stand why and I'll surely be there next year:)

With the the image of the bird in the background, traditional
dancers prepare to take the stage. The festival is growing in
name and very soon it could well be the best known from our
region. I hope you've enjoyed viewing these images.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, What interesting facts and colorful images. Thanks to your husband for sharing these photos. I know you look forward to next year - sounds like a wonderful time.


Very interesting. It would be great to visit it.Very colorful

rocksea said...

wow! hornbill festival! thanks for a peek into those events and images :)

hornbill is the kerala state bird too! oh, we have a lot in common, kanak.

Susie said...

I did enjoy these images Kanak. Always enjoy seeing what's going on in your area.

Looks like a interesting festival to attend.

easygardener said...

It looks fascinating and very colourful. Those nesting habits sound a little weird. Nature does like variety :-)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kanak, thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. Fascinating to learn about different history and cultures.I love the beautiful and colorful clothes from each of the tribes.

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

I just love this glimpse that you gave us as to how different cultures celebrate festivals. I always find it fascinating.

islandgal246 said...

Kanak how fascinating! These tribes remind me of the Aztec/Amazon Indians of South America. Very interesting, you are lucky to live near that region.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you all so much! The north-eastern region is largely populated by many tribes (including the one I belong to)of Indo-Mongoloid origin. For more pictures, you could check out the link on my which has images from all the different states of our north-east.

Stephanie said...

Oh,the state has no ocean like Nepal. Very unique place and people. I don't think I have heard of them before. And sounds like beautiful place to visit as well. Your hubby must have had an enjoyable time there. Btw, from their clothings, they don't seem to have winter there. I know it is cold in Nepal now. Maybe b'coz Nagaland is at the other side (near India) where you are. Nonetheless, enjoy Thursday!

Linda Lunda said...

How exiting!!! Can I come next year to ;o)!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Steph, it's only because of the performances that they're not wearing warm clothes. The spectators have their woollens on! And the hilly areas of Nagaland are colder than Assam. It is India too, it's just that people do not associate our country with these images:(

You have a pleasant Thursday evening too:-)

Linda...would love it if you come! Quite a few foreign visitors were part of the festival too. Thanks for stopping by.

birdy said...

It's looking to be a wonderful festival. I'm very interesting to know about the different cultures and customs around the world.

Autumn Belle said...

It is very interesting to know more about these colourful tribes and their tradition. I glad their culture is still being preserved till today. Thanks for sharing this unique festival with us.

walk2write said...

Your country has such interesting festivals to celebrate culture and heritage. Your husband did a great job of capturing the festivities. This weekend there will be a Redneck Parade and Festival in a neighboring town. Culture? Heritage? Not here!

JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Have just found your blog and it is absolutely fascinating.

As others have said, to hear about other cultures and traditions first hand is what makes blogging so special.

I shall be back!


Kanak Hagjer said...

Birdy/Autumn Belle...thank you so much!

W2W, there are so many different communities in every region. As for the languages, it's like the Tower Of Babel. Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to live in an area where only one language is spoken?! Just a thought!:)

Johnson...thank you so much for stopping by. I'll visit you soon. Would love to read your blog!

Stephanie said...

oic but poor thing... so cold he he... but with the dancing they would not feel cold then. They look like Chinese also :-D

Sunita said...

This sounds fascinating! I dont think I've ever heard of this festival before (shame on me!). Now I'm going to try and see if I can be there next year. I'd love to be part of this myself.

Anonymous said...


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Nishant said...

I'm very interesting to know about the different cultures and customs around the world.

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