Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Random Winter Post

There's a lot of promise in this leaf as the hues show. And so much a
part of this season. Whether on the ground or in pots, they're not to
be missed! My potted poinsettia is just beginning not to be' green only'!

And all the nurseries wear this look now. New and tender plants all
in plastic bags neatly lined up.

In my sister's garden the poinsettia is standing tall in a blaze of red!

Most mornings our city is covered in winter haze. I took this
photograph on my way to a market on the outskirts this morning.
For the freshest produce straight from the local farmers, it's worth
going all the way!

And winter also reminds me of other areas of our region where
we head over during our sons' school break. The expanse of the
Brahmaputra captured in the northernmost part of Assam by
my husband during one such vacation.

Mountains and rivers....a perfect combination for a great winter
break. Another shot from the archives. This and the one below
were taken on another vacation to the neighbouring state of
Arunachal Pradesh. The view of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges
is one of the highlights of the trip.

The place where we love to be....almost every winter we head
towards the Nameri sanctuary on the banks of the river
Jia-Bharali. These are the camps we stay in. The place is
a birder's paradise.

There's so much to look forward to in this season. The roadside
flower vendors are out in full force:) I bought some marigolds,
tuberose and gerbera plants today. I've planted tomatoes and
coriander. The cherry tomatoes have re-seeded and the
nasturtiums have followed suit. Didn't I tell you that this is
our best season?!!


Carol said...

Kanak! I am so happy for you. Beautiful photos of amazing vistas... all is white here... lovely to see your flowers! Carol

Prospero said...

Hi Kanak. Is that a Cassia (yellow blossoms) in the picture just under your sister's poinsettia? Your mountain scenes are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such gorgeous views of the area surrounding you and the colorful flowers. I can see why this is a favorite season for you.

Anonymous said...

From shore to mountains, Kanak, you have it all! The farmer's market sounds perfect as do the camps for bird watching. Thank you for showing these wonderful views of your land. I always enjoy seeing them. :-)

Mia said...

What a beautiful shot with the Himalaya in the background, never think of you having snow so 'close' by, well it isn't really close now is it? Re seeded tomatoes, is it possible, you make it sound like our cherries.. Yes, I can see why you are looking forward to the winter season, but except the fact we don't have a chance for gardening, so do I.. love snow.. and it makes it even more interesting to follow your lovely garden and dream away for warmer times to come:)

Di said...

Kanak, what charm the village has! and your photo/s of the landscape are stunning. We have a friend who just returned from an Amma's Ashram in India. She travels several times a year from California to India.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Carol...thanks! All that white must be magical! Glad to be able to show these scenes.

Prospero, loved reading your words! Yes, that's a cassia. Our hillsides and roadsides are covered with these medium-sized trees. Everywhere you see the yellow blossoms in these cooler months.

Mildred...glad to read this! The mountains are quite a distance away though they are in our region. But the hills are all around us.

Frances, thank you so much! So glad to be able to share these photos. Sometimes there's less of gardening stuff and more of travelling!:)

Mia...not that close at all. We have to travel at about 250kms into the neighbouring state to see these mountains. And that too from a Distance!! On clear days, the view is fantastic but sometimes we aren't lucky. I remember one winter how hard it rained. That was bad!

These tomatoes always come up every year so I never bother to keep te seeds!:) Thank you for your kind words!

Di, the ashram must be amidst beautiful surroundings! There are so many areas that aren't seen on the travel brochures and I think these areas are worth being shown. Thank you for being here.

Wendy said...

No wonder you like this time of year! Gardening, planting, and beautiful mountains and rivers. That pic of the Himalayas is awesome!

I like poinsettias and always decorate my home with them. I like that shot of the nursery plants too.


Wow! What an amazing place you live in! Its Heaven on earth. The photos are brilliant.

Just one question, does it snow there?

Stephanie said...

Those mountains are beautiful. Love your countryside. I hope your poinsettia will turn red soon. Over here, they are selling slightly more expensive than usual as Christmas is approaching. I saw so many pretty Gerbera Daisy in homecentres recently too. Might just get one later when the price is lower. Enjoy your beautiful flowers and the cool days there!

sweet bay said...

It's so interesting to see the Christmas season in different parts of the world. Wonderful pictures and descriptions!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Very nice post! It's interesting to see how poinsettia leaves turn colors! The views of the mountains and rivers are gorgeous!

Karen said...

What lushness, a wonderful view of your favorite season. Your vacation spots are breathtaking! Poinsettas are indoor holiday plants here, the idea of having one grow tall and strong outside is such a mind-spinner! Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Pics, My Poinsettia is also in same state as yours!

About the "To-Do" in Indian Maali i need the "EXPERTS, Experienced gardeners" like you to be there to share and tell novice like us what to do?

Though i have started the thread but need someone to really extend it.

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

I can see why this is your favorite season. There is so much going on where you live. I loved the beautiful scenery. I first saw a Poinsettia plant growing naturally outside and climbing up next to a building in California. It was beautiful. **I love your new title photo of the Callistemon flower.

rocksea said...

poinsetta! thanks for the name! used to call it christmas plant.

Anonymous said...

beautiful series. winter has gripped Delhi too.

Shailaja said...

Beautiful, beautiful North East! Here I (so want to) come!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you all so much. Loved reading your comments and feel glad I've been able to show these areas. Welcome to my part of India:)

I'm answering Chaitra's (Recipes for the Life) snows in the high altitude areas of AP. Sela Pass, on the way to Tawang (the Dalai Lama was there recently) stands at 13,000 ft. above sea level.

Andrea said...

These are really marvelous pictures, i love especially that with the snow at the background. I've seen the same only once when i went to Turkey and had the chance to reach just immediately under the snowcaps. You certainly have a very beautiful environment there.

I've just been to India once, in Ooty which is also mountainous. I also love the sceneries with mostly vegies and manicured teaplants.

thanks for visiting and commenting to my blog too.