Friday, December 4, 2009

Blooming Friday!

It's Blooming Friday again. Now that we've come to the end of the year,
the days seem to be flying faster.... To see other blooms around the world,
please head over to Katarina's @ Roses and Stuff.

My first blooms are of the Jatropha Integerrima. The shrub is about 2 ft. tall
now. I'd bought it last year.

A kind of wild salvia I'd picked up from the wayside in August is blooming
its heart out....

My red Bleeding Heart vine is blooming after a break that she fully deserved!
Look who's peeking at me from that cluster of pink!

Ah! Got her(?) to pose for me!!!

And from the nursery that I visited yesterday I got these pictures.
The white Powder Puff/calliandra haematocephaella alba.

Looking at this I couldn't help thinking about the symbolism about the year
coming to an end....

Many of you have commented on the Peacock Pansy butterfly on
my sidebar.I'm happy to post these photos...they're most active
here, along with the manybrown ones flitting about.

I hope you've enjoyed going through the photos...Thank you for
stopping by and I wish you all a lovely December weekend!


walk2write said...

So much color is a delight to the soul, Kanak. Glad you could get that mantis to pose for you. It's been stormy and then chilly here for the past few days, so I haven't felt like going outside. Thanks for brightening things up for me!

Sandi McBride said...

So lovely to see these bright colors, ours are gone now...but not to worry, they'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Pretty blooms Kanak. My favorites are the powder puff and the bleeding heart vine. Guess what? Georgia is expecting snow flurries this weekend! Hopefully I can share pictures with you!!!

Autumn Belle said...

The praying mantis looks like snow white and the white powder puff looks like a peacock! Your garden is lovely today.

Anonymous said...

Lovely colorful blooms!

Lillebeth said...

Wonderful and beautiful pictures. They light my frosen and dark december day. Thank you! Have a nice weekend!

Kanak Hagjer said...

W2W...I hope it clears soon. It can be dreary especially during this season.

Happy to be able to share these photos! Loved reading your comment.

Sandi...with all that cold and the snow, your enthusiasm/looking forward to spring, is something that we don't get to experience here!

Mildred, would love to see them! Glad you liked the photos. Stay warm:)

Zindagi...thanks! I think you have them too?

Autumn Belle, thanks for stopping by. I'd not thought about the peacock part but now that you've mentioned it..yes, it does resemble the bird's feathers!

Lillebeth...I'm so glad to read this! Thank you for your comment!

Stephanie said...

Your Jatropha Integerrima is so beautiful!!! Love the shape of the flower. I like the vivid red colour as well. This shrub is going to be really striking. You have a great weekend!

FlowerLady said...

Wow, wonderful blooms Kanak. I have all of them blooming myself. I love your header blooms, but don't have that.

The jatropha is a great butterfly magnet. You will love it. I have mine in more of a tree shape instead of a shrub. It's probably about 8' tall. I do plan to top it so that it will be fuller.

I grew a white powder puff from seed this year. It's only about 18" tall. I was glad to see your blooms so that I know what mine will look like.

Wonderful critter pictures.

Have a wonderful December.


birdy said...

The blooms are awesome, however the butterfly make me upset. Actually the broken wings of butterflies always make me upset.

Anonymous said...

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Kanak Hagjer said...

Steph...I'm beginning to appreciate jatropha blooms now. The ones in my garden have such delicate blooms. this pink one also has one seedpod now. Resembles a small, fat capsicum!

Flower lady...happy to read your comment! Thank you for the inputs about your jatropha. A tree would look very nice but I really don't have space so I'll need to keep it shrub-like.

All the best with the powder puff. You do have a lot of patience growing it from seed!

Wish you a wonderful December too!!

Birdy, I can understand how you feel. When I first started photographing butterflies, I used to feel the same way too. But I now realize that it doesn't make any difference (at least not a pronounced one) in the way they fly and go about their routine.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Amazing pictures today Kanak, especially the one with the 'green bug' sitting down. Great work/ Tyra

sweet bay said...

Beautiful flowers and pictures Kanak! The colors are so vibrant. The Peacock Pansy butterfly in your sidebar always catches my eye when I come here and I always marvel at its loveliness.

Prospero said...

Hi Kanak. The Jatropha is such a great plant for warm climates. Mine blooms practically all year long. I wish I had a white Calliandra. Very nice indeed.

Mia said...

A stunning flowershow you are offering today, and such a beautiful butterfly :)

azplantlady said...

I love these flowers, Kanak.

The pictures of the praying mantis are just great.

I love Calliandra. We grow two types here; one with pink flowers and one with red. I would love to get seeds of the white one, it is so beautiful.

Carol said...

Oh Kanak those are all beautiful photos of lovely blooms! I love your capture of the P. mantis! The poor little peacock! Still your image is stunning of its eyes. I hope you have a good weekend. Carol

Karen said...

Hi Kanak! Glad to be back here after some time away (life, computer woes, etc.). I had really missed your take on the natural world and its wonders in your part of the planet. Wow, great shots of that mantis! I love how she seems to be looking right at us in the first one. The Powder puff plant is a stunner and your butterflies are gorgeous! Hope you are well.

Susie said...

Not much blooming in my yard right now Kanak. It's pretty much brown. I do have a couple of pansies blooming and Knock out roses but that's pretty much it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

easygardener said...

Beautiful pictures. The Mantis looks like a natural model!
Have a good weekend.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Just what I needed on a cold day beautiful and colorful flower blooms. So beautiful Kanak.

I see you have those alien bugs too. Praying mantis king of look fearsome or alien.

What a wonderful shot of the White Powder Puff. It looks like a mimosa bloom.

Wendy said...

What beautiful bright colours are blooming in your garden! I loved that you got the preying mantis to post for you! Our bleeding heart only blooms in the springtime (May/June).
Happy Friday!

Katarina (Roses and stuff) said...

Lovely post with gorgeous flowers! Love the way the grass hopper posed for your!
Enjoy your weeekend!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Tyra...thanks! That's a praying mantis. I was lucky to get it to pose for me.

Sweetbay, I did think of you when I was posting. i remember your comment...loved reading it!

Prospero...thanks! I hadn't maintained a proper record of the jatropha which was why I couldn't mention the exact periods!

Mia...thank you so much! Lovely to have you here:)

Noelle, glad to know that. Let me see about the seeds...

The pink and the red ones are more commonly seen here too. I've seen the white one only in this particular nursery.

Carol...I'm seeing more of the mantises now. They must be the most natural 'models' from the insect world;) There are few more photos in other poses too! maybe for a later post...

Wish you the same too! The moon looked beautiful last night.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Karen...hello again! So good to 'see' you again! i know it's been a while...I've had more than my share of computer woes too, in November!!

I'm fine, thanks. Hope you are too! So lovely to read your comment. I'll be at yours soon:)

Susie...but they must be so pretty! I love reading about your trips...I get a chance to see parts of your country that I may never get to see in real life!

EG, oh it is! I was thinking about that when I clicked away:)

Lona...I'm so glad to know that the colours in my photos cheered you up on a cold day! Thanks for all your words!

Wendy...would LOVE to post all kinds of colours for you!:) I'll be at yours soon!!!

Katarina...thank you so much! I hope your weekend is great too!!

Anonymous said...

very nice, sadly all my flowers and leaves are now gone.

Chandramouli S said...

Vibrant colors there you got in your garden, Kanak! So how's the climate there? Is it raining/just cold?

Andrea said...

Beautiful flower posts. I also have that Scarlet salvia but i am confused whether i posted it in my blog or my flickr, hehe. I also love butterflies and have lots of them in flickr site. Your photo here is beautiful though i pity the worn wings, which you equated with the year-end. I worry about the butterfly because it already is near its end. I remember my 11yr old nephew who always cry whenever his pet cat eats a grasshopper, a moth, or whatever insect. Last Saturday his howling was endless because his cat struggled to get a snake already in a snake's mouth. The cat succeeded and the frog has long been gone, but his sobs still lingered. Thanks Kanak.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Barry...I guess you'll have to wait till spring....Stay warm!'s been a while! It's not raining now but it's cloudy and our max/min temps today are 25 and 15*

Andrea...thanks for stopping by. Your butterfly photos are awesome but I haven't checked out flickr...I surely do that. I used to feel like that about the torn wings earlier but not any more. I feel that it doesn't hamper the way they go about their everyday lives. Though I know most people won't agree with me.

As for your nephew I'm sure he'll do much for wildlife. That kind of emotion isn't seen in all young children. Will 'see' you again...have a great week, Andrea.

Yasmeen said...

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Do checkout mine too.. i'm located in North India..

Anonymous said...

I liked that Butterfly very much