Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Himalayan Sunrise

A must-do on the Darjeeling visitor's list is to watch the sunrise over 

the magnificent mountains. The best view is from Tiger Hill which is 

at a height of 8,515 ft.  My niece took these series of photos of the sun

rising over Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world.

The local name of the mountain means "Five treasures in the snow"

referring to its five summits all above 8,000 mtrs. The last photo

shows Pumili at the Flower Exhibition Centre at Gangtok in the

mountainous state of Sikkim. The photo just above was taken at the

same location. I hope you enjoy going through these images.


Susie said...

Kanak these pics are gorgeous! I love the one where you can see the heads of people in the bottom of the picture. Those mountains are incredible.

CJ said...

Himalayan glory! What beautiful sights!

Di said...

Kanak, simply magnificent. Now those are mountain views! I can only imagine the elation of gazing upon those summits and countryside.

garden girl said...

Breathtaking views Kanak! A dear old friend of mine is both an artist and climber, and leads expeditions to the Himalayas. He has gone most of the way up Everest, and made it to the peak of Gasherbrum I (K5.) He has done some amazing paintings inspired by his journeys there, and has wonderful and harrowing stories to tell of his adventures. The stories I love best are those he tells of the Tibetan, Nepalese, and Pakistani peoples he has encountered and worked with during his expeditions, and of the rugged beauty of that awesome part of our beautiful planet.

Kanak Hagjer said...


For many of us, seeing snow and that too on the mountain range like this can be THE high point of the trip. Going through these pictures reminded me of the excitement I felt on seeing snow for the first time! And it was from this area, but not from Tiger Hill. Since then we've made many trips to our border areas (near China. The rest of the year we have to brave the heat so need to see views like these!:)


Thank you for telling me about your friend. How fascinating it must be to go and climb these mountains and live (at least for a certain period of time) amidst the people who inhabit the foothills of this region. Just a thought...have you written about your friend in your blog? I'd love to read about his experiences.

Awesome, yes. Mountains inspire reverence in me. I love the hills that I come from but reverence is for mountains.

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

The photos are breathtaking and shows us views that we do not often see in the states. Thank you!

Zazu Ta said...

Hi Kanak,

You are so so blessed to live where you do. It's heaven!!
Enjoy every living, waking moment of it :D
God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, These are just outstanding views. It must be overwhelming to see in person!

Mia said...

Even though I only have to look out my window to enjoy the sight of snow, I haven't got that magnificent wiews!! It looks poetic somehow :)

Randy Emmitt said...

A world away and we get to see so much of it because of you! Funny Mt. Kanchenjunga being the third highest peak, never heard of it guess being third give not much fame.

Stephanie said...

Very beautiful! Your niece must have enjoyed herself very much. I would have!! You just made me recall the majestic Annapurna range I saw in Pokhara :-D

Autumn Belle said...

Kanak, the views are breathtaking indeed. I just love the one with the mountains capped in snow and clouds which makes it so magical or mystical? There are some lovely plants with red flowers near the place your niece is sitting

Kanak Hagjer said...

Noelle, thank you so much!

Zazu, I don't live there. We have to travel more than 500 kms to see mountains from such close quarters! Thanks for stopping by!

Mildred, it is indeed! I've been to these beautiful mountainous regions of our country many times. And every time we're overwhelmed by such beauty!

Mia...thanks! But you're lucky to see snow clad mountains outside your window!!

Randy, I guess you're right! Everyone knows Everest! Happy to read what you've written:)

Steph, oh yes! These border areas have a lot of similarities.

Autumn Belle, that's where flower shows are held and every time the flowers in season are focussed on. It's a large enclosed greenhouse with spectacular displays....mostly.

Carol said...

As I am about to watch the sunrise over my small (very small) mountain I see yours rising over the Himalayas. Fabulous! The snow covered peaks in the clouds! Then the architecture, rocks and marigold (?) brings us close to where you stand. Lovely!!! Is that your niece? Lovely again!! Carol

Virginia said...

Quite beautiful--I love seeing this sunrise from around the world and 8 thousand feet up. Thanks for posting the photos.

Amy Alex said...

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