Monday, December 14, 2009

High Tea!!

Although tea is grown in many areas of India, Assam and Darjeeling are the

most well-known the world over. The flavour of Darjeeling tea is unique and

is called the Champagne of Teas! My niece, Pumili, was there recently and

this is a photo that she took of a tea garden in Darjeeling. 

Tea is grown at an altitude ranging from 600 to 2000 mtrs. The cool and

moist climate, the soil, the rainfall, and the terrain, all combine to give

Darjeeling tea its special taste. More about the different kinds of

flavour can be found here.


birdy said...

What a gorgeous shot! The pictures is taken from a very beautiful angle and show the expertise of Pumili.

Rob said...

I'd love to visit a tea plantation, it's like a giant topiary maze! Beautiful picture.

Carol said...

What a beautiful landscape. Quite a steep terrain to cultivate... makes my hillside seem tiny. Lovely photo. Carol

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wow, that is a lot of tea. Makes the landscape beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by tea and this picture is amazing. Isn't that just beautiful? I wonder if it is fragrant?

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Kanak~
I have often wondered what tea looked like when it was grown. How interesting and beautiful that the tea farming fields are on the mountains. It looks like a lovely road for an afternoon drive.
Happy day to you!

CJ said...

Beautiful picture! I love darjeeling tea, though its quite expensive here in the south.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful!!! I am sure Pumili had a good cup of tea there. The view is breathtaking. Very good shot of the plantation :-D

Kanak Hagjer said...

The tea plantation in Darjeeling and the surrounding areas are different from Assam. The area is in the mountainous region of the state of West Bengal. Yes, the tea is fragrant and light as compared to Assam tea.

Thank you for all your comments. Some of the plantations are grown on much steeper mountains. It's an amazing sight to see those 'mountains' of tea!

Hope you all have a great day/pleasant evening.

Sunita said...

Oh thats lovely! I've been to the tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala and totally fell in love with the place, the ambience, the lifestyle ...
The tea bushes look like a giant green mattress don't they?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Sunita, I agree about the plantation lifestyle. When we were in upper Assam, we were often invited to spend the weekends at the tea bungalows. It's a different world out there. Well, it was then! I haven't been to a garden in years and I don't even have a decent photo of an Assam tea garden to post:( You'd love them too. In fact one of your plantation posts reminded me of the tea life.

Andrea said...

This is also like the very beautiful view on the way up to Ooty. I love to look at those well-manicured tea plants. But i was not able to touch them because we were just inside the car. How i wish i was able to stop a bit and take the picture, but i was not privilege to do that. If you will look at some of my Indian photos you will be very familiar with the atmosphere.

Elu said...

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