Friday, September 25, 2009

Blooming Friday/Wildflowers

Welcome to the last Blooming Friday post of September. The
dragonflies are still active and I've been lucky to spot one
I hadn't seen before. This is the female Pied Paddy Skimmer/
Neurothemis tullia. The male has pronounced black and white
wings but I think this one looks striking too!

One of my favourite wildflowers happens to be the Porterweed. I
helped myself to some from the wayside and they have just
started to bloom. Mine is the blue variety. Since they attract
pollinators and are a host plant for butterflies they will now be
staples in my garden. Also, I've read that the blue-banded bees
are drawn to blue and purple flowers. There's much to look forward

Growing on the edges of roads are these creepers with white
blooms. The blooms close at mid-day. I don't know the name
but they sure look good!

Another variety from the waysides are these eye-catching blooms.
These two photos were taken in April. I'm glad today's post is
about wildflowers or else these photos might not have been posted.
So thank you, Katarina.

For more posts on what kind of wildflowers are blooming across the
planet now, please visit Katarina at Roses And Stuff.

Thank you for stopping by. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Lucy Corrander said...

There is something very extraordinary and delicate about creatures with see-through wings. I suppose they are the original 'fairies'.


Stephanie said...

Those creeper white blooms are beautiful Kanak! Love to see the plants at your place. Oh that dragonfly, looks like it is made of metal :-) Have a great weekend!

tina said...

I've heard of Porter weed on blogs and am really liking the blue of it. Lovely dragonfly.

ShySongbird said...

Gorgeous, beautiful Dragonfly Kanak, I love it!

The last two white flowers look like our Bindweed, it has a lovely flower but is a real pain in the garden as it winds its way around and through everything.

Lovely photos again. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Beautiful dragonfly... About a little girl being asked why dragonflies and butterflies are colourful. She said, their mother gave it at birth, because dragon/butterflies cant choose cloths and do make-ups. Huh..
Cheers, have fun.

Susie said...

Hey Kanak, I have seen a dragonfly that looks like that one. So pretty. It's interesting to see porter weed growing wild in your area. Here we sell it at the nursery. Do you see it there in red as well?

Prospero said...

Pied Paddy Skimmer is such a great name. I agree with you about the Porter weed. Very pretty.

recipes for the life said...

Great photos. I like the new look of the blog too and the title pic is beautiful. It must be a green corner from your garden isn't it ? :)

lotusleaf said...

I like the blue Porterweed, I too have planted them in my garden. But they are not so blue like yours.

Katarina (Roses and stuff) said...

The white wildflowers are lovely - and the blue Porterweed is stunning! Such a brilliant blue shade!

Vilt og vakkert said...


This "oyenstikker" insect is fantastic, I adore them so much.

Anonymous said...

Pretty wildflowers Kanak and what a delicate dragonfly. Beautiful photography as always - such a delight!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lucy...they must be! Sometimes on blogs you see part of a bloom through a bee's transparent wings. Fits your description about these wings.

Steph...glad you like them. Now if only I knew their names....!

Tina, yes...the colour does stand out. The dragonfly looks rather unusual, doesn't it?

Jan, I'll look up Bindweed. The vines are invasive but thank goodness the blooms are lovely. I'm so glad you mentioned the dragonfly.

Enjoy your weekend:)

Bangchik....such a sweet story. And why not?! Great substitute for not being able to choose:-)

Susie...glad you liked the dragonfly. I've seen Porterweed in blue and white only. The white ones are very beautiful and the 'spikes' droop downwards. Unfortunately, it wasn't at a convenient time while crossing jungle terrain or else I'd have got it. But I hope to get it some day.

These aren't sold at the nurseries here. Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever grow them. But with gardening/blogging, perceptions change....

Prospero....I was lucky Google had the images as well as the name for reference. I hope to see it again because once they come--they like to keep coming.

Chaitra, thank you so much! You're right. It's one corner of my front yard.

Padma...but they must be lovely too!:)

Katarina...glad you liked them all...I'm happyI posted these ones!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Vilt og vakkert...thank you so much!

Mildred, your comment and Vilt's too came in as I was responding to the earlier comments. I stopped (in my tracks:)) when I saw it for the very first time!

Carol said...

Love your new header Kanak and you must be the queen of dragonflies... such amazing shots you have especially this last one... Wow! Your wildflower blooms are lovely. Enjoy the weeks end. Carol

sweet bay said...

I love Porterweed too... I have the lavender S.jamaicensis, but it looks like you have that vivid blue-violet (different species?) that I have seen at our local Arboretum and covet. Have a good weekend!

Moa said...

The dragonfly.. is so beatiful.. the fine fine pattern in the wings.. lovely.. Have a nice weekend.. Moa

HelenJ said...

I really like the white creepers - wonderful flowers!
And of course your lovely phots of dragonflies - one of the most beautiful insects. Their wings look almost as leaves eaten by larvae so only the nerves remain...

Mia said...

Im agree with Helen, that litte white flower looks som innocent and beautiful. I admire your pictures of dragonflies, how many different arts/families/sorts/kinds ( whats the word in english??) is there, must be many :)

Lillebeth said...

How lovely that white wild flower was! I´d like to have it in my garden. Have a nice week end!

Wendy said...

I just love those wayward weeds growing beside the roadside. I spend part of yesterday morning taking pics of tiny flowers growing beside the road down at the end of my street. People must think I'm crazy as I squat down and zoom in to the ground with my camera. LOL!

I do like your white flowers, some of the loveliest flowers grow wild. That little ant you've captured looks like he's about to conduct an orchestra!
Dragonfly does look like a faerie, doesn't it?
Have a good weekend!

Rosey Pollen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I like your dragonfly shot. IT looks so metallic! Almost like a piece of jewelry!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Carol....thank you! Wish you the same too! I'm basking in the honour of being called the dragonfly queen:)

Sweet Bay...I'm not too sure about the exact name but it looks like the Stachytarpheta urticofolia. Glad you like the colour.

Moa, even in these colours some dragonflies look so beautiful. I'm so fascinated by the wing patterns too.

Helen, from a distance they don't look all that good but photography and close shots...oh my, that changes everything!

Mia....oh, that's exactly what I think when I see them. You've used the words...I don't think we need to use anything else:) How many different kinds there are...I'm blessed to see so many of them! glad you liked them! right about some of the loveliest flowers growing wild. I can imagine you on the roadsides!! Isn't it fun to do that despite the weird looks we get? Photographing weeds?? LOL!

Rosey, Stephanie had also made a similar comment...about the metallic look. You're right. It does look like a piece of jewelry.

sweet bay said...

Yes, Stachytarpheta urticofolia -- I knew it was a different species from the Stachytarpheta that I have. One day I will get my hands on some! lol

Sue said...

I enjoyed your dragonfly and wildflower photos. NellJean grows porterweed for butterflies, but I don't remember if she's shown a close up like yours. I was glad to see it, so now, I know what it looks like. I don't think it grows where I live, though. I love the blue!