Friday, September 4, 2009

Blooming Friday/ Butterfly Ginger Lily

It's time again to talk about what's blooming in gardens around
the world! To see the global display, please visit Katarina at
Roses and Stuff.

The first photo is of the Grasshawk dragonfly/Neurothemis fluctuans.
Although I've posted other photos before I can't resist posting this
one. It came and perched itself on an Allamanda leaf as I was waiting
to get a better shot of a lizard. On other occasions, it had led me
on a wild goose chase around the yard, in the scorching afternoon sun.

I'm so happy to see the Butterfly Ginger Lily blooming. It's
blooming for the first time. The shape does look like a butter-
fly with open wings. And the fragrance...ooh, it's heavenly! I
never imagined that the plant would have such sweet-scented

This plant belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae and is
native to India. The botanical name is Hedychium coronarium.
The lily can grow up to 2 mtrs tall. Propagation is through
rhizomes. With such a delightful smell it is used in the
making of perfumes. As for its medicinal uses, the rhizomes
are used in the treatment of tonsillitis and fever.

I've also found out that the flowers/buds are edible. The blooms
are also used in making leis in Hawaii. No wonder it is also
known as the Garland Flower. The blooms attract moths at night.
I hope I have the moths flying in!

The inflorescence of the Ginger lily.

I had picked up the plant from the wayside in April in my
hometown. Someone had dumped a clump of the lily here, below
the road next to a trickle of water from a hill spring. (But
during the rainy season, the trickle turns into a roaring
cascade). Here, where wild balsam blooms and ferns grow, I'd
seen some blue damselflies. I thought I'd get some good photos
of the damsels. Well, I didn't get them but I got several
'butterflies' instead!


Njut i din trädgård said...

Your Butterfly lily is incredible beautiful!

Looks like it soon will leave the beautiful spot and fly away.

LottaM ..ღ said...

A new flower for me, but so beautiful it is.

Thank you for your comment to me. Have a nice day!

andré said...

That's some really nice flowers/photos!

lotusleaf said...

I didn't know that the butterfly ginger flower is edible.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kanak! I am going to push the button for your blog all day showing this beautiful flower to my friends/family. What a pretty bloom. That's an outstanding photo of the dragonfly also.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Njut i din t...thank you so much!

LottaM, loved visiting you:-) Thank you for your comment!

Andre, thanks!

Padma, I did check out many sites. Floridata was one of them. But the site which mentioned that the buds/blooms are edible is this one--- There's an article titled "Grow the Butterfly Ginger for fragrance and Food". Definitely worth a read!

Mildred, I'm thrilled to bits reading your comment...!!! When I visited Katarina's blog today I felt she was asking me a question! She had written--Do you have a flower blooming for the first time? Oh, yes!

tina said...

What an incredible dragonfly! I love looking at all these bug pictures from India in the summer.

easygardener said...

Oh I love the Grasshawk dragonfly - it is a beauty - and what a show off!
The Ginger Lily is beautiful too. What luck that you managed to rescue it.

Prospero said...

Hello Kanak, the grasshawk dragonfly picture is superb. You Ginger is very nice, too. I have Hedychium gardnerianum and want to grow more of this wonderful genus.

Marie Höglund said...

Lovely flowers. The dragonfly is awesome.

Stephanie said...

That dragonfly is really gorgeous. Never seen one that has such colour... so intense. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mia said...

Red and green, beautiful dragonfly picture.

Roses and stuff said...

I've never seen such a fabulous dragonfly before - so very unlike the dragonflies of Sweden! And the white Ginger Lily - what a beauty!

sweet bay said...

Ah, Ginger Lily -- it is truly wonderful! And the fragrance is divine!

Beautiful shot of the dragonfly. We don't have any bright red ones like that here. I love the picture of the butterfly or moth in your header as well, such vivid colors.

Susie said...

I didn't know you could eat ginger lily blooms. I wonder if they taste as good as they smell?!?

Have a great weekend Kanak.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I found my way back here and love the photos. That's a fascinating dragonfly. The ginger lily is very pretty, too. :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Tina, there are lots more coming up!

Thanks EG. Most plants are invasive. I wonder if the previous owner had had enough of them?!!

Prospero, I'll check out that ginger...Thanks for your comment on the dragonfly.

Marie, thank you so much!

Katarina, so glad to be able to show both on Blooming Friday!!

Sweet Bay, thank you so much! The header picture is of a butterfly known as the Common Jester.

Susie, I haven't tasted them as yet but they should be good! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

Thanks Kate. I enjoyed visiting you...and will be back. Thanks for the return visit:-) Have a great weekend!

Racquel said...

That is a gorgeous bloom! I can't believe someone just dumped it. You are truly lucky to have wandered by that spot at the right moment. :)

Moa said...

Your Butterfly lily is so beautiful! And the photo of the dragonfly is fantastic.. Have a nice weekeend. Moa

Angel.Pearls said...

Thanks for the visit and your kind words! Your lily is really beautiful!//Eva

Kanak Hagjer said...

Racquel/Moa/Angel, very happy to read your comment:-) Have a great Sunday!!

Singapore plants lover said...

I have potted white ginger flowers too, I love them.

Sue said...

That's a beautiful color of white. It looks brighter and cleaner in some way than other whites. Lovely!

Kanak Hagjer said...

SPL/Sue....thanks for leaving your comments!

Anonymous said...

May l know where can get the butterfly lily seed in KL? kindly share to,
thank in advance..