Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birds Of Every Weather!

I wish I could say 'Birds of every feather' but like the lizards,
just a few colours dominate. The most colourful ones visiting my
garden are the sunbirds who feed on the Canna blooms but I've
only got blurry pictures of them.

Birds are a welcome addition to any garden as long as they do
not wreak havoc on the vegetables. The sparrows, the mynas, and
the bulbuls are regular visitors and I'd like to think that they
are seriously eliminating unwanted/unwelcome bugs from my yard.
In addition to the ones mentioned, I'm posting photos of birds
commonly seen in my garden/locality.

The first one is the Asian Pied Starling. They usually come in
pairs and are very noisy. If one of them does not notice me, the
other is sure to send loud signals for its partner to take off!

The Asian magpie-robin. The male has a dramatic black and white
appearance. Very glossy but the female, pictured below, has more
of a slaty grey look.

There are many kingfishers in the area and they look so different
from one another. Except for the beaks of course! Some look a dull
brown but when they spread their wings to fly, the blue is a shade
to die for!

Predator! I'm not too sure about this one's ID. It was brown and
white. Sitting on the wire devouring its winged prey, it sat for
a while, preened, then flew away.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Colourful birds you have there.... I wish more of such beautiful birds come and play in our garden. Only five different birds come regularly, none as colourful. Cheers, ~bangchik

Anonymous said...

Such a variety of birds Kanak. Lately I have noted mourning doves, robins, goldfinches, chickadees in our yard. They are such fun to watch but I hardly ever get a good photo!

tina said...

Your birds are so neat and different from ours-big and colorful!

Terra said...

These are handsome birds, especially in the first two bird photos here.
I MUST say hi to you, since your blog's name is Terra Farmer, and my blog is Terragarden.
Are we kindred spirits?
My first name is Terra, and hello from California.
Please stop by my blog and say hi :)

lotusleaf said...

The Asian pied starling is crying out loud indeed!

Susie said...

That kingfisher is really a pretty bird but his beak is a little scary to look at.

Anonymous said...

I love to watch the birds. It is nice to see ones I have never seen before like yours.

Stephanie said...

Usually I see only those black birds in my garden. I like that bird with a little blue. It is just so amazing to see how different birds are physically and sound differently too! Did they make any nest in your garden?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Bangchik, on a regular basis, I have about seven varieties visiting my yard. Not all birds can be photographed. Sigh!

Mildred, I've seen them on blogs. Birds from your part of the world are so colourful. Would love to see your visitors some day.

Tina, very different...usually feel that while visiting blogs.

Thanks Terra...I've hopped over and LOVED it. Will be there again! Cheers!

Padma, the pied starlings make sure they're not only seen, but heard as well.

Susie, yes. They do have really big beaks.

Donna, exactly what I've been 'talking' about with Mildred and Tina.

Steph, this year the magpie robins and the bulbul nested on two trees.
Last year there was a pigeon in the shed. And when the bamboo growth was dense the white-breasted water hen came every year to nest.

Urban Green said...

Lovely snaps, Kanak.
Now we rarely get to see kingfishers...thanks for sharing!
It's a rarity to find birds in Delhi...pigeons and sparrows are all you get to see here...

birdy said...

Birds, one of my favorite object, but unfortunately don't have a quality camera. We have a lot of white throated kingfishers, but some days ago I noticed a very pretty black and white kingfisher for the first time in our area.