Saturday, March 28, 2009


Of late, the skies haven't been the bluest...

clouds loomed large----

---and sunsets had become a little less spectacular. And
although the signs of rain were there, all we got was dust,
and more dust! Sometimes, the first mild rain comes as early
as February. Enough for the dust to settle down but since it
took its time coming, it has created drought-like conditions
in many parts of the state. Several times, planes have not
been able to take off or land because of the dust-storms.

But yesterday, the storm came. The kind that's usually accompanied
by rain. It was sudden--the bang, the thud, the swish, the frantic
swaying of trees, everything happened all at once. It must've
lasted for about fifteen minutes followed by a drizzle so light
it left us disappointed...

But it finally rained at night. Enough to wet the rain-starved
soil.Andthe first thing I did in the morning was to get these

The Common Castor butterfly was on my Ixora, gently flapping its
wings. I waited with all due reverence waiting for this shot.

Droplets of rain on this Oxalis--a recent buy...

...on the green and tender bananas.

Raindrops sit pretty on this caladium leaf.

This year the mango trees were covered in blooms so thick
it made me wonder whether I've ever seen that many blooms
before. There's a saying that if the mango blooms like that,
there's enough rain that year. And it's good for the paddy.
Here's hoping that the saying comes true for our farmers.


Anonymous said...

So very thankful you received rain. The picture of the butterfly is my favorite. I hope you will enjoy the weekend Kanak.

islandgal246 said...

Hey Kanak it rained all day today after a hot dry spell. I am smiling ear to ear:). We do not get dust storms just some Sahara dust clouds. The April showers are early and I do hope we get more in April. It is too miserable without them. I find rain storms a bit exciting and love it after the rain. Thanks for sharing

Susie said...

Glad to see you got some rain Kanak, hopefully you'll have plenty. Okay, here's a stupid question. Is that banana in your yard? If not is it close enough that you can get bananas off of it? Are they really high up on the tree? So, can you tell I haven't studied banana trees before!!!

Barbee' said...

Your photographs are beautiful, especially the one in your header... it is breathtaking. That was a hum-dinger of a storm. Glad you finally got some rain.

Wendy said...

Yes, a storm! Did you get thunder and lightening?? I love spring and summer storms (as long as there is no damage afterwards).
I also have a questions (no not about those bananas, which look really good). What is a paddy?

Wish I'd seen your mango blossoms, don't think I've ever seen any. But I love mangos!
Have a good weekend. Your pics are lovely.

tina said...

Yeah for the rain, I hope it settles down the dust. The banana leaf is wonderful!

My Mother's Garden said...

I love the rain, there's nothing like a great thunder storm (when you're safe inside). The oxalis looks so pretty, I may have to search for one myself.
Enjoy today~ Karrita

Chandramouli S said...

Well, after the sun sucking sweat from me yesterday, I for a moment was longing for rains, but no! That's months away (Of course we MIGHT get the Spring rains) and I CAN wait. Until then your cool photos calms me down. Awesome photos - that cadmium leaf especially! Is that the Spring rain?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, after months of all that dryness, it felt wonderful!
Wish you the same too. Thanks.

Helen, the first rain is always exciting. But if it drags on, like last year, I won't be singing its praises! It's cooler now and at least the windows can be kept open!!

Susie, the banana tree is in my yard. The height isn't much and I didn't have to get up on anything to take this shot.

Although many varieties grow tall, in my yard, they don't. The main reason is that you don't need to dig deep to reach underground water. And that's bad for bananas. Which is why the height too, reaches about 7ft only.

Barbee, thank you so much! And I'm honoured by your visit...
I'm so glad to read your comment--especially about my header!

Wendy, paddy means the same as rice. There are certain words we use in India. For instance, egg-plant is 'brinjal'!

There was no lightning this time and not much damage. Sometimes we do get storms with all that thunder and fireworks but that's more common in hilly areas.
Hope you have a good weekend too.

Thanks Tina. It's already better now--the dust I mean.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Karrita, I remember reading on the net that this variety of oxalis is called--Charmed Wine. Isn't the name lovely? Feel the same way about storms...when one is safe inside! Have a great weekend!

It is, Chandramouli, which is why I was so excited! The monsoon rains--that's something I DREAD!!! I hope you won't have to wait too long for a bit of rain. All the best!
But this, nothing like it!

Book Bird Dog said...

I love the flower on the Ixora bush at the end of your blog page. I remember having one in the yard in the tropics where I lived.

joey said...

Your first photo is especially stunning, fitting your post. I love storms, yet rejoice when they pass and all is well. Always a feast for the eye, you tell a beautiful tale.

Anonymous said...

lovely photographs, its good to have rains, we did received yesterday but not enough

Kanak Hagjer said...

BBD, it's one of the easiest things to grow, and very rewarding too--in terms of butterflies! Thanks for stopping by.

Joey, thank you so much! Always love to hear from you.

Shweta, the first rains are always good. Skies are still cloudy but it's really pleasant now. Oh to be in Himachal......!! The very name "Kullu" sounds like heaven to me.

Stephanie said...

Hi! I just found you through blotanical and you are going away already? Well Have a happy and restful holiday! Btw, I like the caladium. Actually, I am trying to find a Nepalese gardener in blotanical to learn more about the gardening there.Would you know if the condition at your place is similar to Nepal?

shantana said...

your morning shots are indeed as fresh as ever..just love them!