Sunday, March 15, 2009

GBBD, March 2009

It's the 15th of the month and March means a profusion of blooms.
My welcome-patch is still full of colour though the phlox in three
shades of pinks, and white, is beginning to look a wee bit weary.
The green/black swallowtail, a Tailed Jay, is a recent visitor and
can often be seen on this bed. Below, are some of the flowers I
have blooming now.

Doesn't these speak of sunny, sunny days?! The brightest of all
the portulacas that I have now.

A little less spectacular is this peachy variety--Wingpod
Purslane--in a basket which I've hung on a guava tree.

More baskets of the yellows here.

The fragrant blooms of Ashoka/Saraca indica. Now a favourite
haunt for big, fat bees and swallowtails.

Yellow hibiscus with a tinge of red on the throat.

A March staple in my garden is this Walking Iris.

A small patch has verbena in four colours. Every morning, there's
a brown skipper here, or in the vicinity.

Even though this does not qualify under 'blooms', I'm
including it. I stopped in my tracks at this sight! The
Elephant's Ears bore fruit for the first time!

I've posted photos of my yellow canna earler. But since they're
blooming again now, I'm including them.

Another first for me--with gazanias. I'd never grown them before.
The blooms need strong sunlight to open up. Several small bees
frequent these pretty blooms before they close again in the

A little magpie-robin stops by my water container. Late in
the afternoon, they come, mostly in twos. A quick splash
and they're ready to fly home to roost.

If you would like to join GBBD, please visit Carol at
May Dreams Gardens.Thank you, Carol
for hosting GBBD.


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed seeing all your colorful blooms Kanak. The gazania blooms are lovely. You must enjoy seeing all the birds and butterflies that visit you daily. What a great place for you to photograph.

tina said...

Outstanding color Kanak! I especially love the walking iris and the elephant ear fruit. I am glad you included it. The portulaca is surely sunny. And those insects are having a feast day too!

Curmudgeon said...

How beautiful! The gazanias look quite happy. The elephant ear fruit is so interesting. My favorite is the pale yellow hibiscus.

Helen @ Gardening With Confidence said...

Beautiful blooms! I want to borrow you borrowed landscape - goregous!

garden girl said...

What gorgeous blooms! I especially enjoyed the hibiscus and the Walking Iris.

The elephant ear fruit is amazing. I've never seen them flower or fruit - thanks for showing it. I'd be stopped in my tracks too! Mine is in the basement now waiting for warmer weather.

Karen said...

Thanks for providing a jolt of tropical color on what for me is a rainy, snowy, thundery, gloomy, freezing awful day! Love hibiscus and that walking iris, so unique! All are beautiful and boy do the butterflies love your garden! Happy bloom day.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is a delight for the eyes with all those bright tropical colors & wildlife! Happy Bloom Day Kanak!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Kanak - what a wonderful array of blooms, I like the Walking Iris very much.

Randy Emmitt said...


The walking iris is so beautiful, I've seen lots of irises but not this one. Very lovely tour as usual.

Gail said...

Lovely and exotic to my southeastern US eyes...I love your blooms! gail

Nancy said...

I love getting the opportunity to see your garden. I never even knew an elephant ear would fruit! That is fantastic.

Susie said...

Kanak-These are lovely blooms. I particularly like the red throated yellow hibiscus and that walking iris. I have not ever seen an elephant ear bear fruit. That's interesting.

The bird in the last photo shows just how enjoyable your garden is. He looks to be having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Your garden screams, "Everyone's invited!" But (shudder) does it have to include the foliage-eating skipper, too? The Ashoka/Saraca indica (bush?tree?) is new to me. Thanks for sharing!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, I'm seeing something new everyday! I've never noticed that many species before!

Tina, although I've had this species of iris, I learnt the name only recently. Glad you mentioned what you liked.

Curmudgeon, thanks. Maybe the Elephant's ear has borne fruit earlier too. But I've noticed only now.

Helen, thank you so much! Glad you stopped by.

Linda, as I was mentioning to Curmudgeon...maybe I never noticed them before--the E. ear fruit. It was in the wildest part of my yard but now that the place has been cleared the rite of passage can be seen:) Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks Karen. I hope your weather clears soon and you can go back to playing in the dirt! Happy to read your comment.

Racquel, thanks. There's never been more wildlife than now!

Karen, thank you so much!

Randy, glad to read this. I've been out in the yard for the major part of the day photographing more wildlife. I wish I could see dragonflies emerging as in your photos!

Gail, thanks. Very happy to have you here!

Nancy, thanks. When I saw the fruit for the first time, I thought it was the most striking red I'd ever seen!

Susie, thanks. The hibiscus happens to be my favourite too! As for the bird/birds, they come every afternoon. I was lucky that I could photograph it the other day.

Shailaja, I love the skippers! And I'm seeing new ones! Ashoka is a small tree. Mine is about 10ft in height. I kept a bird house there and looks like it's being used now...The blooms have a faint beautiful fragrance.

Roses and stuff said...

Your garden is so colourful - seems to vibrate with colourful plants! Gorgeous!

Carla said...

Does you garden ever have a down time? So pretty! Love the title 'welcome patch', think I might just have to 'borrow' that one:) Great GBBD to you:)

Wendy said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely blooms with us! The colours are so vibrant. I like your "welcome patch" too!
Your garden looks like summer. Here we're just beginning to think spring.
Yellow looks like a favourite colour of yours - me too! Yellow reminds me of sunshine, so cheerful and bright.

Ewa said...

Hello Kanak,
What an amazing set of blooms you have. Magpie-robin at water container looks so romantic :))
What about link-exchange? I would like to add you to my blogroll - do you have someting against?
Greetings from Poland,

Kanak Hagjer said...

Katarina, thank you so much!

Oh Carla, very happy to read this! Please go ahead! For me the raised bed was a necessity thinking about the rain/water-logging in summer. But to walk in (after being out of the house) and to be greeted by this sight is a joy...

Wendy, I love yellow and it so happens that many yellows are blooming now. The look of our seasons are not as pronounced as yours. The 'summery' look lives on in some bloom or the other.

Hi Ewa, I'd be very honoured! Thank you so much. Please go ahead...I'll happily, happily add Ewa in the Garden to my bloglist too! Love readin the rest of your comment too!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful garden!!

love the colors

Chandramouli S said...

Very pleasant to the eyes. Nice to see Asoka blooms and glad to hear that you're protecting a species that's threatened to become endangered.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Zindagi, thank you for your visit!

Chandramouli, I wasn't aware it's endangered! I'll be more protective about this tree from now on. And guess what? A bulbul family has taken up residence here.

This morning I was weeding nearby and the heady smell of the blooms wafted was heavenly!

rashmi said...

Dear Kanak, great to see your beautiful purslanes. just wanted advice on where i could get purslane seeds in mumbai. regards