Thursday, November 26, 2009

These Blues Don't Get Me Down!

Kiki of the refreshingly beautiful blog Awake With Charm And Spirit
recently wrote a post titled The Color Essence Of Blues and invited
bloggers to share their blues:) Since blue happens to be a colour
I like, I'm sharing many of the blue blooms I've grown or photographed
elsewhere. And butterflies, without which my post wouldn't be complete!!

The colour blue has more of positive than negative connotations. No
wonder it's much-loved. The symbolism of freedom and optimism comes
foremost to mind when I think of this shade.

The bluest blooms I have are those of the Butterfly Pea. It's
the double-petalled variety and grows in a vine. Recently, Autumn Belle
of My Nice Garden did a wonderful post on this plant.

The Blue Dawn flower/Ipomoea indica is also known as the Ocean Blue
Morning Glory. It's more of a bluish-purplish shade and the blooms
turn paler when they close for the day. Although I have this plant
in my garden, this photo was taken on the roadside in my home town.

A butterfly whose name I do not know. I found the blue stripes

Hydrangea which bloomed in early summer. I hope it puts on a show again.

The Blue Daze is also known as the Brazilian Dwarf Morning Glory and
Hawaiian Blue Eyes. I photographed this in the gardens of the local
zoo. The leaves pretty much resemble the petunia's. The botanical
name is Evolvulus glomeratus.

Walking Iris. Blooms in early summer.

Blue blooms from weeds on the wayside.

One of the common small butterflies...not really sure whether it's
the Grass Blue or Hedge Blue.

And the mysterious enigmatic blue of the skies at daybreak is a
magical sight.

Patches of blue infinity reflected on my water-lily container. Somehow
the tiny snail navigated its way on the tender leaf...

To check other participants' "Blue" posts, please visit Kiki's charming blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, What pretty pictures today. I especially love the daybreak photo. I hope you have a very enjoyable day.

tina said...

Your blues are so nice and calming.

Kiki said...

Yay! What a fabulous and Beautiful post....WOW!! Thankyou for creating such a gorgeous spotlight on is so super beautiful!! I never knew there were dwarf morning glory's woah..that is So cool!I Love your photos ..very serene, peaceful and uplifting. And your commentary all throughout was wonderful!
I will gladly add it to the blue list! Yay! Thankyou for doing this..and for your kind words!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Pretty blues Kanak! Morning glory is especially lovely1 And the sky is magical!

ShySongbird said...

Now those are the type of 'blues' anyone would be glad to have ;)

I have seen Morning Glories on other posts and always thought what pretty flowers they are.

I see on your previous post you mention 29 degrees in November that sounds so strange and would be considered a heatwave here in mid Summer! We have a daytime high of 8 or 9 today and I think it will be around 3 tonight...very dreary :(

Your photos are all so colourful and cheerful again but my favourite had to be the Lizard, what a sweet little face it had.

Enjoy your wonderful Winter weather Kanak :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, that photo was taken in my parents' backyard. There's a good view of the hills too though not seen in this photo.

Tina...thank you so much! happy to be part of this! I think the blues were just waiting for an opportunity:-) Thank you so much!

Tatyana...thanks for stopping by. Glad to read your comment on the photos!

Jan...I know:) Ouch, 3 sounds unbearable to me! Although I crib about the heat here, really cold temps make me ill! Every time we go on holidays to the Himalayan region I get a terrible headache despite wearing a woollen cap. I'm not really fit to survive in extreme cold!

Our newspaper columns are already singing praises about the change in the weather. I'm looking forward to a lot of winter activities. Thanks, Jan. I'm already in a celebratory mood!! and loved that you mentioned the lizard.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

What a beautiful Morning Glory. Blue's are my favorites in the garden. Calms me right down.

sweet bay said...

I agree, I think Butterfly Pea is the truest blue. I love it.

Autumn Belle said...

Kanak, you have a lovely blue post. Luckily I didn't miss this. I have sent your link to Andrea of Philippines. She has 2 similar flowers that looks like the Butterfly pea but she doesn't know the name of the first one. I think her first flower looks like yours here. I have left a comment on her post about this so that both you and Andrea can exchange notes. Andrea's 2nd flower is pale purple and goes by another name. Do have a look.

I will also link your post to mine. Hope you don't mind.


Autumn Belle said...

Oh yeah, her link is as follows:

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

I just love the color blue in the garden. I especially like your Butterfly Pea - the blue is so vibrant. I always am a huge fan of hydrangea and yours is so beautiful.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lona...I know you have a whole lot of blues. The calming effect has been mentioned by other bloggers too!

Sweetbay...that's right. Most of my blooms have a purplish tinge. would love to add true blues....

Autumn Belle, thanks! I visited Andrea's blog but came across another bloom whose name I did not know. I read your comment there. It's the Rose cactus. Am I glad I visited!! And thanks for telling me about Andrea's blog!

Noelle...although I love hydrangeas they're difficult to grow here. I've had to change the position of the pot when the sun was too strong. In the nurseries they're grown under a shaded area. They'll never survive in the open.

Andrea said...

Hello Kanak, thanks for your visit and comment to my posts. Yes your butterfly pea is the same one i have. After Autumn Belle has given me the link i already changed the description as it, the double-petalled butterfly pea.

I will late check Kiki's blogsite as i also have lots of blue flowers, coz they are not common so i love to take their photos. I wonder if you will like my uncommon blue flower which i will later post.

Glad to meet you here in blogspot!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Andrea...happy to see you here!! Will surely check out your blue bloom. I thought I'd seen the Centro growing wild here. Not too sure if it's the same as the one you'd posted.

See you soon!

mewmewmew said...

I just love the color blue in the garden. I especially like your Butterfly Pea - the blue is so vibrant. I always am a huge fan of hydrangea and yours is so beautiful.

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