Friday, November 20, 2009

Blooming Friday/Sky blue Cluster Vine

Welcome to Blooming Friday! My erratic connection kept me out of
blogdom but now I hope I'll be able to make up for all that lost

I took this picture of a tiny dragonfly some time back in a nursery.
The next best reason for visiting nurseries I must say, is to see so
many lovelies flitting and flying about.

The Cluster Vine bloometh....after a gap of several months. There's a
reason here. I had to prune it because the growth was so vigorous and
that I did just when it showed signs of fatigue blooming like nobody's
business throughout the cooler months till March/April. Wish I could say
the same for other vines too but the others happen to be moody!!

The Skyblue Cluster Vine/Jacquemontia pentantha is a fast-growing climber.
A native of tropical America, it's from the Morning Glory family. It's
ideal for trellises. The flowers bloom in clusters at the end of long stalks.
The flowers are attractive to pollinators. The plant can be easily propagated
by cuttings and by seeds.

I couldn't resist posting these pictures from February and March this year.
There's always a fly or a butterfly on the many blue blooms. I hope you
enjoy going through these photos. To see what's blooming around the world,
the place to stop by is-- Katarina's.

Thank you for stopping by... Have a great weekend everyone!!


Prospero said...

Hi Kanak. Do you worry about the plant being invasive like so many morning glory relatives. Is it very aggressive?

Carol said...

You capture those jewels flitting about so beautifully. Lovely to see the cousin to our morning glory. Enjoy the Weekend! Carol

Sandi McBride said...

Welcome back and I hope you've got that connection all worked out! Love this I love all trellis plants!

Just what we need, a bit of color!

Sujata said...

Love the blue Morning Glory like flower.
Sorry I missed your comment on my blog post about the nursery visit. I bought a heart shaped Philodendron and some Ipomoea batatas or sweet potato vine which has lovely yellow green foliage.
Thanks for dropping by.

azplantlady said...

I love morning glories and I love blue flowers. I am glad your vine recovered from it's much needed pruning so we could enjoy the flowers.

Arati said...

oh i love the skyblue clustervine!! makes for such a beautiful creeper over fences..
have you seen the slender dwarf morning glory? the flowers are very similar. i have some on my blog - stop by when you can -

Arati said...

the blue dragonfly is amazing!! what a lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

The blue is so very pretty in the landscape.
I sure hope you won't have any more problems with the computer. I have missed your posts and beautiful photography.
I wish you and your family a very nice weekend Kanak.

Autumn Belle said...

The dragonfly in the first picture is very unusual. It seems to have a fat tail. Your morning glories have a refreshing shade of blue. Happy Weekend!

lotusleaf said...

I loved the blue dragonfly. I have never seen one. Have a nice weekend!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Prospero, this one's growth can be controlled. Unlike some varieties that grow wild in our jungles, especially the yellow ipomoea...I've learned my lesson. Never plant the yellow variety! Meant for the jungle only!:)

Thanks Carol! The fun part of taking flower pictures!!

Have a great day!

Sandi...thanks! It seems to be ok now. Wow, it's lovely to be back to where I actually belong!:)

Hi Sujata...I hope your plants are doing well. The green of the potato vine is so refreshing! I'll be stopping by soon!

Noelle, thanks! I've read that the vine flowers throughout the year. From now on I can keep track of the blooming periods.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Arati...I checked out your link and my, the arbour is beautiful! Thanks for your comment on the dragonfly too!

Mildred, I've missed reading your posts and all the blogs I usually visit. I have a lot of catching up to do. Everyone's fine and our weather is even better than before!

Autumn Belle, I'd never seen a dragonfly like that before. Really unusual. I managed to get three shots but two were blurry. Glad you commented on this:)

Padma...thanks! Wish you the same too!!

Wendy said...

I love morning glories! The colours are stunning. I like that you captured the dragonfly and other critters on the flowers. Looks like they're just hanging on and enjoying the ride.
Have a great weekend.

sweet bay said...

What a lovely blue flower. Great captures of the skipper and the Hover Fly!

Stephanie said...

Wow looks like blue is the colour of the week! I recalled Autumnbelle's blue post. Now you have many blue flowers too. It is always nice to see blue flowers. They always look very different but charming. Your collection is really admirable. Have a wonderful weekend Kanak!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Pretty blues and funny creatures!

Titania said...

This is a pretty plant. I have always been attracted to climbers. All the insects find it alluring too it must produce lots of nectar.

Katarina (Roses and stuff) said...

The blue shade of your Cluster vine is so lovely!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Wendy....they seem to be loving every bit of it!! Morning glories are lovely even if they happen to be invasive.

Enjoy your day!!


Steph...I've added blue flowers to attract the blue-banded bees. I heard that they're drawn to bluish/purplish flowers. I did come across other blue posts too. Autumn Belle's was lovely!!

Tatyana...thanks for stopping by!

Trudi...thanks. I'm amazed at the visitors it's attracting. Never a dull moment!

Katarina...thank you so much!

ruma2008 said...

The Nature which you caught is very splendid.
I was impressed.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Thank you for showing beautiful scenery.

joey said...

Wow, your Skyblue Cluster Vine is stunning and such a true blue ... glad to hear you can control its creeping habit. Love your header, Kanak, and the cute critters posing in each photo :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Ruma...glad you were here!:) You're always welcome!

Joey...thanks! Happy that you commented on the header too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, I do hope your computer/internet problems are over. That is so annoying. Your blue flowers are wonderful, and even more so with winged visitors. I loved the caliandra poufs and buds in the previous post as well. All delightful! :-)

Barbee' said...

How interesting! And, so are the photos in your sidebar. I especially enjoy the one of the owl moth. (I think that is what it is... I could be mistaken.)

Susie said...

Kanak they are all beautiful pics. Did you change your header pic again? It's so pretty!

Barbee' said...

Oh, now I see it is called a peacock pansy. That is new to me. Interesting.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Kanak, what a lovely flower that skyblue vine is, amazing blue colour.

Kiki said...

Your posts are always so beautiful..the blues..SOoooo lovely!! Gorgeous! Let me know if you'd lik me to add your beautful post to the blue list.

Shawn said...

Nice Buggy Shots you've got there Kanak! Love that dragonfly picture!

My Mother's Garden said...

Hi Kanak~
What a sweet little vine! Love the blue color!

Stephanie said...

Hi Kanak, I have one award for you today :-D

Kanak Hagjer said...

Frances...just when I thought it was over, it came back! What a thing to happen especially when i have so much to tell!:) Thanks for your comment on my last post too....And so glad you were here!!

Barbee' happy to have you looking at the pictures on my sidebar too. The 'Pansies' are a common variety found in Asia. The eyes are striking indeed.
Thanks for stopping by.'s was on an impulse. I'd done a post on damselflies and since I had this photo as well, I promptly changed it. Thanks!

Tyra...thank you so much!

Kiki...thanks. I think I'll do anther blue post to be added to the 'Blues'.

Shawn...I wonder what these are known as? have you noticed that it looks different from other dragonflies?

Karrita...thank you so much!

Steph...thanks..will check it out.

redheadtx said...

Hello, Glorious vine and pictures. Do you know where seeds can be found? I have been surfing the web looking and have not been able to find any yet. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Liz in Texas

mewmewmew said...

Your posts are always so beautiful..the blues..SOoooo lovely!! Gorgeous! Let me know if you'd lik me to add your beautful post to the blue list.

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