Friday, March 28, 2008

Birds and berries

The last picture that I posted was of the Indian
blackberry tree in my garden. In this part of
the world, the mango and this berry ( known
as jamun) bloom in early March giving us the
first taste of Spring. All the yellow leaves will
fall off leaving the entire tree in resplendent
green. And enough food for the soil as they
turn to mulch. Oh, the wonders of recycling in
the garden!
When the fruit matures and ripens, the birds
come. Just like the butterflies and the bees
that flutter or flit about, the birds have a field
day up on the higher reaches of the tree.
There's something so delightful about our fea-
thered friends coming to feed in my compound.
Although I cannot identify every species, the
pleasure that I get watching them from the
veranda is in itself, wonderful. 

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