Monday, August 31, 2009

Blooming Dragonflies!

With very few blooms during this season, I'm glad my winged
'blooms' are here to add that element of beauty and joy in the
garden.There are many pale-looking dragonflies now. I mostly see
the golden ones flying about.

The one pictured above was on a mango branch. As soon as I got this
shot, it suddenly darted to catch a fly(?) and munched looking into
the general direction of where I was standing.

Then it remained on its perch awaiting the next tasty meal! It
didn't budge even when I walked past. It was as if nothing mattered,
except food!

This one was an extrovert! Oozing with confidence it started to
show (off) all the moves as soon as I started clicking!!

The kind that's a constant here. Rather drab with green/black lines.

The bluest one I've seen in months!

The palest of them all....Found this one on the bamboo grove
this afternoon.

Although I've photographed several dragonflies this year, some
have been too fast or too shy. Maybe next's a heart-
warming thought!


Susie said...

I think they are all beautiful Kanak! Wish I could capture some pictures of them.

I really like that golden-winged one. I love how you can see all the intricacies of its wings.

easygardener said...

I am sure that the dragonflies appreciate your interest - they always look as if they are posing especially for you!

tina said...

Kanak, Why aren't there many blooms is Assam now? Are they all winding down since fall and winter is coming? That extrovert posed very nice for you!

ShySongbird said...

They are lovely Kanak and so well photographed, we are lucky if we see the occasional one in our garden and if we do it is most unusual, it must be years since the last. We do of course see them near ponds, lakes rivers etc. Every thing there though seems so wonderfully exotic to this English eye ;)

birdy said...

Kanak, you have some nice shots of dragonflies. And following you I will certainly some day out to shoot dragonflies and damselflies.

Anonymous said...

I love your photographs Kanak. I occasionally photograph butterflies but am never quick enough to get dragonflies! I like your description of the one who did not move because food was all that was important!!! That sounds like a description of me with desserts/sweets!!! Have a very good week my friend.

lotusleaf said...

The dragonflies pose like actors!Great photos.

islandgal246 said...

Kanak what are you feeding those dragonflies? They seem to pose for you LOL. I can't even get a shot of those here. Great shots!

Stephanie said...

Wow so many kinds! Great shots as always! Have a great day.

Sunita said...

With d'flies like these I'm sure you wont miss the flowers. They're definitely more entertaining aren't they? And they munch flies too? Perfect! I've heard of them feasting on mosquitos but didnt know their tastes ran to flies too.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Susie, that's what I like to see too. Especially after enlarging the photos...the wings are fascinating!

Easygardener...I hope so. LOL!

Tina, some of the blooms on shrubs like the Allamanda, hibiscus, ixora are still going strong. But the mussaenda and the bougainvilleas are gearing up for a fresh set of blooms. The best gardening season is coming up...very soon major planting of all the delightful flowers will start. And the nurseries will be worth many visits:) For a riot of colour, it's definitely the cooler months!!

Jan, I'm so happy to know that you find the shots exotic. I live in a low-lying area and there's a marshy plot of land right near the house, just across the road. There are swarms of dragonflies and they just pop over. Which is why I get to see so many of them. The most striking ones are the red ones. Honestly, I'd never noticed that many dragonflies, the way I'm noticing them now.

Oh Birdy, you take the most amazing pictures. I'm sure you'll get many wonderful shots. Good luck!

Thanks Mildred. You're right about the dessert!:) After all, the main meal was over. I was lucky! It doesn't happen that way all the time. Today I tried to photograph a red/black dragonfly but I had no luck! Hope you have a great week too!!

Padma, thank you so much!

Helen, lol! If you see the mosquitoes here, you'll know!! Photographing anything in the garden is also inviting the mosquitoes to come and drink up! Sometimes I use repellent but when something catches your eye, you just rush, camera in hand.

Steph, thanks. Have a great day too!!

Sunita, not 100% sure about the fly! I just saw it munching on something black...could've been a mosquito...Definitely more entertaining, like you say. And they manage to keep me on my toes!

Di said...

Kanak, great photos! 'Blooming Dragonflies' made me laugh. I find their habit amazing: We have a weeping cedar and its horizontal branch being held in position up from the ground with a bamboo pole, the top of it being a favorite spot for dragonflies.

Antigonum Cajan said...

Always a pleasure to drop
by. From the Caribbean.......

Prospero said...

Precious little dragonflies.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Di, that spot sounds wonderful!! And colourful too!

AC/Prospero...loved reading your words....Thanks.