Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Goodies From Dreamflower

My visit to Dreamflower made me richer by about a dozen varieties
and about sixty plants! Of course, some of them were only a little
bigger than sprouts!! Pictured above is a pink flowering shrub,mums
and an orchid. The most knowledgeable person wasn't around so I
don't know the exact names.

I fell for this bromeliad pictured next to rain lilies and Mexican Heather.
Although I already have M.H. the thought of all those butterflies made
me buy some more! Also in the picture is a shrub whose leaves are
supposed to be yellow and showy. Right now it's a very defiant green!!

Another Ixora--it's the dwarf variety and white. Couldn't resist the
fact that it's attractive to humming-birds, bees, butterflies and
other pollinators.

The bed I was working on...I'd bought gladioli bulbs last month and
had planted them in a wooden planter because this bed wasn't ready.
The marigolds and chrysanthemums are all here...looks pretty
crowded but there's no more space! I've also planted rain lilies
on the border.
The rocks do not look too good at the moment but I hope once the
plants grow, they'll blend into the 'bed-scape'. Yet to be planted
are a dozen hollyhocks and four 'hot' chilli plants.

Here's a sapling of a pepper vine. As for the orchid I've tied it to
a palm tree.

Around this rock, some colour...

This nasturtium with variegated leaves will have red blooms. I'm
hoping to let it trail on a rocky path!

I also got portulaca in two colours--peach and yellow. I'd already
prepared the soil in the hanging baskets earlier. It was lovely to
see them blooming the next morning. On a smaller bed I,ve planted
phlox,dianthus and petunia.

But nothing would thrive without our black gold! Although I use a
lot of leaves for the beds, the great nourisher looks like this...
dry,crumbly and dark! Cowdung manure works wonders! The day
after I'd bought the plants, the person who brings it in a cart
like this,turned up. In this picture, he's unloading the manure
in my frontyard. Garden telepathy, I must say!! I hope you enjoyed
going through the list of plants....


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy planting all your wonderful purchases. We love the rocks outlining your flower bed. Nalley collects rocks from the creek and we use them in the flower beds. Occasionally we'll see butterflies or chipmunks sunning themselves on a warm rock. Your dirt looks so rich; not at all like the red clay we have here in Georgia!

Anonymous said...

The plant with the beautiful baby pink flowers is Jatropha integerrima. It's actually not a shrub -- it can grow up to 7 feet or so! The white ixora looks so healthy (knock on wood!) Enjoy the birds and bees!

Green thumb said...

Oh! I enjoyed and envy that exhaustive list a lot. 60 plants! that's something. I wish they all do well at your place. And, oh yes, there is nothing better than cow manure for growing plants, especially after hearing so much about the side effects of using chemical fertilisers.

tina said...

Garden telepathy indeed! I wish I would have one show up in my yard. Cow dung would be perfect! I really like your Ixora. I have seen them on the blogs but don't have one myself. Very pretty and 60 plants is a haul! Your rocks look great next to the bed. What is the grasslike thing growing right next to the rocks?

Linda Lunda said...

YES!!! I do enjoy this!!!
Thanks fore showing al those wonderfull plants.

Susie said...

What a great collection of plants you got Kanak! The bed surrounded by the rocks is going to look great. When it matures some it is going to look beautiful. Can't wait to see the photos.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, thanks. But choosing and collecting rocks from your own creek--there's nothing like it!

Anonymous, thank you for the ID and your visit. I'll have to be very generous with my shears later on!

Greenthumb, I hope so too! The count sounds huge but the seasonal flowering plants are all really tiny! Thanks for stopping by.

Tina, glad you liked the ixora. The grasslike plants are rain lilies.

Glad to, Linda! Glad to.

Susie, I hope they fill out and totally transform the look of this area later on.

Titania said...

Hi Kanak, wonderful plants you have hauled home. They will look so beautiful in your garden and give you so much pleasure. It is always so exciting to plant something new and wait for its full developement. Lovely, dark compost for your new plant children. they will thrive on that black gold! Happy days.

Carla said...

What beauties! (and I'm drooling over the cart guy! I wish I had one come by and unload black gold in my yard!) you have been very busy! Please post pictures as your beds fill in:)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Trudi, I think it happens to all tends to get bored with the same old plants, no matter how beautiful. My interest has been (greatly) revived now. Blotanical and new plants together is a very good potion!

Carla..hmmm... Will definitely post...glad to have you come by.

Anonymous said...

60 plants! You have been a busy, busy doing all that planting. It's going to look great and I love that rock edging. Very natural! You can't beat black gold for making a garden grow beyond your dreams!

Kanak Hagjer said...

But Racquel some of them were really tiny! Love what you wrote...about a garden growing beyond one's dreams. Will let this thought linger my mind!